August 8, 2011 meeting minutes

Trinity-Bellwoods Community Association
Trinity Recreation Centre, Crawford Street
Monday, August 8th, 2011
7:00 P.M.

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•    Chris Shulgan, co-chair
•    Cllr Mike Layton
•    Sandy Stagg
•    Ross Burnett
•    Liz Magner
•    Christina Quadis
•    Chris Walker
•    Jeff Harris
•    Craig Daniels
•    Angus Bennett
•    Justine Fowler
•    Mark XXXXX
•    Cindy Gilbert

1.    News & Follow – Up

Community Police Liaison Committee
Presented by Liz Manger
•    Community Police Liaison Committee (CPLC) Update:
o     CPLC is closed for summer. To reopen in September.

Fresh Patio Permanent Enclosure
Presented by Cllr Layton
•    Fresh Restaurant is looking to construct a permanent patio enclosure (a physical building structure) over the existing patio site
•    Fresh will need a special patio agreement and City is not sure how to address this yet
•    At present, City Staff want to reject application
•    Fresh has 300 names in support of application
•    Public consultation meeting to be scheduled for September

Farmers Market:
Presented by Sandy Stagg
•    Farmers Market fees set to potentially increase – unconfirmed by City Hall
•    Petition circulating to keep permit fees as they are
•    Electronic petition is available on line at Cllr Layton’s website

TBCA Website
Presented by Liz Manger
•    Proposed to use WordPress to create a new website.
•    Should be used to post events, letters, discussion forums, community bulletin board, etc. etc.

Action:  TBCA passed motion to provide funding to launch WordPress

3.  New TDSB School in District
Presented by Christine Quadis and Cindy Gilbert
•    Looking to open a Trinity Spadina Montessori  style school / alternative school
•    School would be public and operated by the TDSB
•    Will serve elementary grades 1, 2 and 3
•    Application for school to be submitted in September
•    To register interest, they need 200 surveys completed by residents, interested residents can find out more information through Christine Quadis or via online survey at

4.   791 Dundas Street West – Liquor License
Presented by Angus Bennet and Justine Fowler
•    Opening new restaurant called L’Ouvrier on Dundas at Palmerston
•    Building is a former afterhours club.  Restaurant is working hard to change reputation of address.
•    City may approve license, pending conditions (yet to be determined).  Cllr Layton is willing to lift conditions so city objections will be removed.

Action:  TBCA passed motion to draft letter of general support for revitalization of Dundas Street and growth of new businesses – letter to be addressed to Licence Appeal Tribunal

5.  Bike Path through Trinity Bellwoods Park
Presented by Michaelle McLean
•    Originally announced in Fall 2009
•    Friends of Trinity Bellwoods are opposed to proposed Bike Path due to pedestrian safety and concern for paving over greenspace.
•    Have a petition called “Don’t Pave Our Park”, signed by 128 residents.  Petition can be signed at
•    Feb 2010 had Public Meeting followed by a Stakeholder Meeting in April 2011.
•    Mike Layton suggests that they should not have signage promoting it as a cycle route or painting on the cycle route.
•    2.5 m width is proposed.  Transportation want it 3m wide.  Original plan was 3.5m
•    No trees will be removed.
•    Community had support for relocating portion of bike path outside of children’s play area – potentially to northern edge of playground as an extension of Lobb Avenue.   This would require an additional stakeholder meeting.

Action:  TBCA passed motion to draft letter of concern to Cllr Layton and Parks Department over route of proposed shared path through the children’s play area and the main pedestrian link across the park as well as its materiality / quality of path .