Agenda for Jan. 30 meeting

Hi folks, please join us for the first TBCA meeting of 2012! Here’s the agenda:

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Meeting location and time:
Trinity Community Recreation Centre
155 Crawford St.
2nd floor
7-8:45 p.m.


1. Introductions

2. News and follow-ups // quick items
–1974 Bellwoods study
–Rosario Marchese outreach / rep coming to Feb. meeting
–Campagnola patio coming up in February sometime?
–Fresh patio permanent expansion indefinitely deferred (Shulgan)
–Naming rights (Jayme Turney, if he’s able to attend)
–Has Layton’s office heard anything about Ryerson community-visioning charette? Update?
–Follow-up on Bellwoods House, the community shelter operated through St. Matthias church, which was threatened by budget cuts.
–OMB meeting deferred until Feb. 6 and 7
–Parkdale Liberty Gleaner “look ahead” by Walker

3. Downtown Residents Association Summit
–Paula and Michael attended the January 9 meeting. A debriefing on what occurred at the meeting.

4. Website and web-presence updates
–Matt Bremer offers updates on stats, how the blog’s going, and the possible shutdown of the Google Group, among other things.

5. ML Lumber / Nero Condominium development
–Anne K or Chris Walker, can you bring us up to speed?

6. Fred Hamilton Park (Matt Bremer)
–latest developments

7. York West Developments
–Latest updates. Paula has been following this. 42 Claremont recently sold and the TEYCC meeting has been delayed to Jan. 31 at 7 p.m.

8. Presentation of TBCA logo created by Emese Ungar, graphic designer.

9. Kromer Radio development
–the meeting to discuss the development of 410, 414, 420 and 430 Bathurst is on Wednesday night at the Scadding Court Community Centre.
–developer is Rio-Can development. We should send someone to this meeting.

Future business:
–projected advertising

Next Meeting – Monday January 30, 2012 – 7 PM

The next meeting of the Trinity Bellwoods Community Association (TCBA) will happen on Monday, Jan 30, at 7 p.m. at the Trinity Community Recreation Centre at 155 Crawford, second floor. If you have any items you would like to have added to the agenda, please forward to This meeting is open to all community members, and we hope to see you there!


Trinity Bellwoods BIA hosts Interior Design Show showcase




From the Trinity Bellwoods BIA site

Do Design 2012
A showcase of contemporary design presented by the Trinity Bellwoods BIA.


The second annual Do Design event will turn storefronts on Toronto’s Dundas Street West between Bathurst Street and Grace Street, into exhibition venues for design objects. Happening in conjunction with Toronto design week and the Toronto Interior Design Show, Do Design’s unique format provides an alternative way to see and discover design in the city. The visitor’s experience is shaped in and between the event’s diverse range of host venues, which includes boutiques, cafés, restaurants, a pharmacy, a hardware store, beauty parlors, and a dentist’s office. Most pieces will be visible from the street and may be viewed outside of opening hours. Admission is free.

Participating Venues: Barbarella Hair Salon // Bookhou // Caffe Brasiliano // Comelight Glass & Mirror // Dialogue 38 // Ella’s Uncle // Ezra’s Pound // Heartbreaker Salon // Helia’s Beauty Salon // Hide // Hilary’s Pharmacy // Liberal Jewellery // Lisbon by Night // L’Ouvrier // MADE // Manuel R. Bentes Denture Clinic // ML Lumber // Odile Chocolat // Porchetta & Co. // Provenance // R.A.D. // Ride Away Bikes // Saving Grace // Sovereign State // The Office of Rosario Marchese MPP // The Palmerston Café // The Press Club

For further information please contact event coordinators, Caroline Macfarlane and Vanessa Nicholas at or telephone MADE at 416 607 6384.

Meeting minutes – November 28, 2011

Here are the minutes from the last TBCA monthly meeting held November 28 (nb: the TBCA did not meet in December)

If you would like to be a part of the conversation, the TBCA’s next meeting is Monday January 30th, 7 pm, Trinity Community Recreation Centre, 155 Crawford St., 2nd floor.

Trinity-Bellwoods Community Association


Trinity Recreation Centre, Crawford Street

Monday, November  28th, 2011

7:00 P.M.


To contact the TBCA:



  • Co-Chairs — Chris Walker / Chris Shulgan
  • Cllr Layton
  • Angella Surrey
  • Anne Holmes
  • Ross Burnett
  • Matt Bremer
  • Sandy Stagg
  • Lois Schklar
  • Mimi Vulovic
  • Anne Keary
  • Michael Sims


Parks Plan Report

  • Presented by Ross Burnett
    In 2010, City Council approved the development of a City-wide Parks Plan based on seven guiding principles: parks and trails as city infrastructure, equitable access for all residents, supporting a diversity of uses, nature in the city, environmental stewardship, place making and community engagement.
  • City is asking residents to input on development of first ever city-wide Parks Plan to guide acquisition, development, management and operation of the system of public parkland in the City of Toronto over a five-year period.
  • Go on-line and share your views around each of the 5 priorities. This voluntary survey gives you an opportunity to provide input and should not take more than 15 minutes to complete.
  • Send feedback on Parks Plan to December 16th:

York West Development: Concerns on 116 and 114 Robinson & 42 Claremont

Presented by Ann Holmes and Mimi Vulovic

  • York West Development recently lost CofA case due to overbuild of site
  • 114 and 116 Robinson Street.
  • Concern over blockbusting and development quality as well as maintenance issue / tenant problems (trespassing, animal issues, nighttime issues, overcrowding of units).
  • Concern over tenant issues at 42 Claremont Street.
  • Advice to call MLS (Municipal Licencing and Standards) on structural concerns (building issues).
  • Building issues need to go through property inspectors.  Future complaints are to go through the Councillors office.
  • Contact police to deal with tenant issues.
  • Details of landlord/developer to be sent to Cllr Layton`s office to follow up with group.
  • Cllr meeting with group on January 10th.


Fresh Patio Update

Presented by Chris Shulgan

  • Went to Community Council early November
  • Held public meeting – split meeting
  • Crawford Survey from Queen to Dundas – 249 homes, owners and tenants
  • 25% need to respond, of which 50% of people need to say yes (= 35 people).
  • City Staff is very against concept of privatizing public space
  • Poll to be undertaken – need to have a 25% support to have it move forward
  • Poll to be mailed out Dec 5th, survey to be back Jan 5th.

Action:  TBCA passed motion to flyer Crawford Street to raise awareness
ML Lumber Development Update

Presented by Anne Keary

  • Approved by Council in early November with the following:
  • Height to be 7 storeys with mechanical wrapped within the seven storeys (25m)
  • Eastern setback to start at 5.5m (2 storeys)
  • Western setback to start at 10.5m (3 storey townhouses) – reduced by one storey
  • 25m is to be maximum height along Dundas Street, according to City, however, Avenues and Mid-Rise building study recommends 20m
  • Council Request new presentation for Jan 10th Community Council – new plans available at that time.

Website & Email Issues

Presented by Matt Bremer

  • New website up and running
  • Emails can be forwarded to new email account (needs to be set up)
  • Set up Executive with author accounts for WordPress website
  • TBCA_Toronto is new Twitter Account
  • Suggests one post per week from Executive – quick and dirty.
  • TBCA to start promoting meetings in Community Centre/Libraries/Coffee Shops/Etc etc
  • Follow TBCA on Twitter at


Renaming Public Spaces

Presented by Anne Keary

  • Some community concern over how spaces can be named.  Allows for corporations to purchase naming rights with little consultation.
  • Corporations can also purchase street names
  • Concern that corporate naming erases place-making within the city
  • City Staff allowed to decide independently on cases where naming rights are valued at less than $500,000.00
  • Issue is going before Council on November 29th.


Celebrating Trinity Bellwoods: Positive Projects we can Undertake in Future

  • Skating Event
  • Tobogganing Party
  • TBCA Dog Dayz
  • PicNic Day Summer party – Bellwoods not just for hipsters
  • Food crawl / pub crawl – Local people, local places: Partner with BIAs, Restaurant / Bar discount cards
  • Photographic event – digital or disposal\
  • Favourite Place in Bellwoods – Scavenger Hunt
  • Neighbourhood Story Telling event
  • Writer or artist series