Meeting minutes – November 28, 2011

Here are the minutes from the last TBCA monthly meeting held November 28 (nb: the TBCA did not meet in December)

If you would like to be a part of the conversation, the TBCA’s next meeting is Monday January 30th, 7 pm, Trinity Community Recreation Centre, 155 Crawford St., 2nd floor.

Trinity-Bellwoods Community Association


Trinity Recreation Centre, Crawford Street

Monday, November  28th, 2011

7:00 P.M.


To contact the TBCA:



  • Co-Chairs — Chris Walker / Chris Shulgan
  • Cllr Layton
  • Angella Surrey
  • Anne Holmes
  • Ross Burnett
  • Matt Bremer
  • Sandy Stagg
  • Lois Schklar
  • Mimi Vulovic
  • Anne Keary
  • Michael Sims


Parks Plan Report

  • Presented by Ross Burnett
    In 2010, City Council approved the development of a City-wide Parks Plan based on seven guiding principles: parks and trails as city infrastructure, equitable access for all residents, supporting a diversity of uses, nature in the city, environmental stewardship, place making and community engagement.
  • City is asking residents to input on development of first ever city-wide Parks Plan to guide acquisition, development, management and operation of the system of public parkland in the City of Toronto over a five-year period.
  • Go on-line and share your views around each of the 5 priorities. This voluntary survey gives you an opportunity to provide input and should not take more than 15 minutes to complete.
  • Send feedback on Parks Plan to December 16th:

York West Development: Concerns on 116 and 114 Robinson & 42 Claremont

Presented by Ann Holmes and Mimi Vulovic

  • York West Development recently lost CofA case due to overbuild of site
  • 114 and 116 Robinson Street.
  • Concern over blockbusting and development quality as well as maintenance issue / tenant problems (trespassing, animal issues, nighttime issues, overcrowding of units).
  • Concern over tenant issues at 42 Claremont Street.
  • Advice to call MLS (Municipal Licencing and Standards) on structural concerns (building issues).
  • Building issues need to go through property inspectors.  Future complaints are to go through the Councillors office.
  • Contact police to deal with tenant issues.
  • Details of landlord/developer to be sent to Cllr Layton`s office to follow up with group.
  • Cllr meeting with group on January 10th.


Fresh Patio Update

Presented by Chris Shulgan

  • Went to Community Council early November
  • Held public meeting – split meeting
  • Crawford Survey from Queen to Dundas – 249 homes, owners and tenants
  • 25% need to respond, of which 50% of people need to say yes (= 35 people).
  • City Staff is very against concept of privatizing public space
  • Poll to be undertaken – need to have a 25% support to have it move forward
  • Poll to be mailed out Dec 5th, survey to be back Jan 5th.

Action:  TBCA passed motion to flyer Crawford Street to raise awareness
ML Lumber Development Update

Presented by Anne Keary

  • Approved by Council in early November with the following:
  • Height to be 7 storeys with mechanical wrapped within the seven storeys (25m)
  • Eastern setback to start at 5.5m (2 storeys)
  • Western setback to start at 10.5m (3 storey townhouses) – reduced by one storey
  • 25m is to be maximum height along Dundas Street, according to City, however, Avenues and Mid-Rise building study recommends 20m
  • Council Request new presentation for Jan 10th Community Council – new plans available at that time.

Website & Email Issues

Presented by Matt Bremer

  • New website up and running
  • Emails can be forwarded to new email account (needs to be set up)
  • Set up Executive with author accounts for WordPress website
  • TBCA_Toronto is new Twitter Account
  • Suggests one post per week from Executive – quick and dirty.
  • TBCA to start promoting meetings in Community Centre/Libraries/Coffee Shops/Etc etc
  • Follow TBCA on Twitter at


Renaming Public Spaces

Presented by Anne Keary

  • Some community concern over how spaces can be named.  Allows for corporations to purchase naming rights with little consultation.
  • Corporations can also purchase street names
  • Concern that corporate naming erases place-making within the city
  • City Staff allowed to decide independently on cases where naming rights are valued at less than $500,000.00
  • Issue is going before Council on November 29th.


Celebrating Trinity Bellwoods: Positive Projects we can Undertake in Future

  • Skating Event
  • Tobogganing Party
  • TBCA Dog Dayz
  • PicNic Day Summer party – Bellwoods not just for hipsters
  • Food crawl / pub crawl – Local people, local places: Partner with BIAs, Restaurant / Bar discount cards
  • Photographic event – digital or disposal\
  • Favourite Place in Bellwoods – Scavenger Hunt
  • Neighbourhood Story Telling event
  • Writer or artist series

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