Agenda for tonight’s monthly TBCA Meeting

Here is the proposed agenda for tonight’s TBCA meeting. As always, our meetings are held on the 2nd Floor of the Trinity Bellwoods Community Recreation Centre at 7 pm and are open to all members of our community, so please feel free to join us!

If you would like to see an addition to these minutes, please forward to

1. Capangnolo Patio – Agela forwarded a copy of the generic patio conditions
2. TBCA joining CORRA (Confederation of Resident and Ratepayer Associations in Toronto) – Paula Capela
3. ML Lumber – Angela Surdi forwarded roof plan w/ dimensions hand written in red again – 24.12 & 25.8
4. Ward 19 Communty Design Charrette presentation – Cllr. Layton (?)
5. Fred Hamilton Park Redesign – Community presentation was March 21 – update – Matt Bremer
6. York West Developments – See email from Mima Vulovic on February 27, 2012. York West is not going to the OMB.
7. Positive Initiatives – Ongoing
8. Logo & Ad – 7 responses. Option 1A gathered the most votes. Ad space in community centre still available.
9. Rio Can Development (Kromer Radio Site) – TTC suggested traffic study was incorrectly done.
Did anyone attend the beautiful sunny Sunday afternoon meeting? Tania forwarded minutes. C of A on April 4, 2012.
10. Trinity Bellwoods Study – 2005 book posted to site
11. TBCA Newsletter – Logo finalised. Chris W and Matt discussed emailing the newsletter and identifying the upcoming meeting in the
subject line. Game of “six degrees” to boost the number of newsletter subscribers.
12. 109 Ossington – Mike Layton and Craig Hunter met, any update from Cllr Layton’s office?
13. Friends Meeting – FoTB Meeting happened March 1 with the Park People, was there an update?
14. Community Police Liason Committee – Cathy Byrd, CPLC Chair – was TBCA invited?
15. Digital sign – By-law prohibits roof signs. Mike Layton they speak with the TBCA and PARA. Allan Reynolds of
PARA appears to be actively involved.
16. Roundtable Meeting – March 8 Chris Walker attended roundtable meeting to RA’s BIA’s and Park groups that was organized by Mike Layton
17. Hawker Bar – Liquor licence application for late night bar on Ossington across from residential development.
70 signatures on petition. Michael attended a meeting with Nicky and Mike Layton and reported back.  Not all members of the TBCA executive agree on a position.
18. Garbage in Trinity Bellwoods Park – update from Matt & Cllr Layton regarding ongoing garbage issues in the park
19. FRONT YARD PARKING PAD – c.c. Tom Barnett, Resident – Request to bring front yard parking pad up to code. Allowed?
20. Hoarding posters – c.c. Resident. A local resident is offended by advertisements on hoarding. Advertising Standards Canada Gender Portrayal Guidelines.
21. Trinity Bellwoods wireless internet access – A number of local residents have expressed a desire for wireless access in the park, and there may be an opportunity to provide this. Is this somehting that the TBCA wishes (or should) support, or is this more of a FoTB issue. There may not be as much community support for this as anticipated by supporters (environmental and health concerns)

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