Meeting Minutes – February 27, 2012

Trinity Bellwoods Community Association Meeting Minutes for Feb 27, 2012

Introductions made. Present at this meeting:

Anne, Lois, Paula, Mike McGregror, Suzanne Lawston – resident, David Hemsen – resident, Cam property manager for Bathurst / King condo board, Jerry Waise chair of TB BIA on behalf of Shaun Bowring

Announcement from co-chair Chris Walker: Effective immediately Chris S is taking a three month leave of absence from his co-chair responsibilities. The TBCA executive wish him the best and thank him for all his efforts over the past two years. Chris Walker will now chair the group.

Presentation : Jerry NXNE Stage proposal in TB Park

–       Jerry mentioned that it is not the same weekend as the Portuguese weekend

–       This event is to take place at within the bowl

–       Michael asked about the security being provided for the event

–       Michael asked about liquor licensing.

–       Matt mentioned the FOTB Park meeting on Thursday

–       Mike M asked about the MLU with Right to Play

–       It was moved and seconded to support the effort in principle pending further communication with Shaun


Presentation : Susan Austin – Kiosk Solar
  • Kiosk solar, focus on residential solar installations.
  • In conjunction with the Ontario government’s microFit program, this presents a “once-in-a-lifetime” opportunity to sign into an agreement with the government that would potentially give approved homeowners a 11% return on investment
  • Kiosk solar is an end to end solution that manages the installation and maintenance of the install : site evaluation, paperwork, capacity checks etc.
  • Their systems are specifically designed for residential 10KW systems that feed back into the power grid.
  • They offer a number of plans and solutions in regards
  • Includes accommodations for roof replacement/repair
  • The solar panels must be Ontario compliant
  • The question was raised as to how we as a group we promote one business over another, this may warrant further discussion internally
  • Kiosk Solar’s differentiator is in the financial aspect
Campangolo – support for flank letters
  • We have yet to see the specific patio conditions for the Woodlot and Campagnolo patios, we have seen the generic ones.
  • Chris W offered to draft a letter of support for the three business. Woodlot was approved, without our letter. We don’t know what the conditions under which they were approved.
  • We support in principle, but we will not issue letters without seeing the specific details.
  • Mike’s office should be able to provide us with the details. Matt will ask Marco what those conditions
The Fresh Patio agenda issue is now considered closed
Naming Rights – Jamie Turnery TPSI deferred
Downtown residents association summit – Paula had sent a summary. Tim Grant asked if we are interested in CORRA, Paula will look into the advantages
 ML Lumber :
  • Chris W looked into the height for confirmation, and got three different answers, so we are not sure what the final height was.
  • We agreed on 27.25 overall including Penthouse.
  • Anne will investigate further
Charrette – Mike Layton will organize final presentation
  • Lois complained that previous Charrettes did not take into account previous charrettes that were committed by the BIA’s
 Bellwoods House is saved, issue closed
Fred Hamilton Park – Matt Bremer
  • Group is preparing to present to the community at large the improvments that the group would like to see.
Jan 30 meeting – York West Development
  • Paula reviewed the MO of the group and current issues include noise, drug use, cleanliness
  • Layton’s office and the police are aware
  • 114 & 116 Robison have applied for a third floor, which will have further community impact. Went to council on Feb 6 for resolution.
  • Any further issues are to be directed to the police
  • Layton was trying to get a list of the properties that this company owns

–       Logo – once decided we can get it into the newsletter, website and print

–       TBCA will defer involvement in the Rio Can development (Kromer Radio)

–       Mike M asked if the TBCA would ever take a party status within an OMB case

  • We have not in the past, but we potentially would if necessary
    • To do that, incorporation is almost a necessity, which is a cost and effort that has not been contemplated by the group.

–       Archival Photos – Lois

  • Would warrant further discussion
  • Lois will follow up on the installations done by Contact

–       Rosario Marchese outreach – possibly for the March meeting

–       Projected advertising :

  • Jayme Turney was to discuss – deferred

–       1974 Trinity Bellwoods Study

–       2005 study – Matt will ask author for the permission to post online

–       Clothing donations – should we reach out to organizations

–       West Queen West outreach – Paula update

  • no formal city street scape plan, but the BIA’s pick up the slack.
  • BIA’s also run additional iniitiatives that are primarily geared to bring in traffic for the businesses, but all members of the community end up benefiting
  • It’s important to remember that as the area becomes more gentrified the trend is for the larger big box business to come in, and that we should not necessarily rail against this.

–       Info to Go pillars – Jayme Turney discussion

–       236 Palmerston

  • went to committee on Feb22, which after expansion left zero green space, we don’t know what the outcome was.
  • I will ask the committee of adjustment to send us notification of any adjustments in our nieghbourhood

–       103, 109, 111 Ossignton – application for six story development

  • Michael Sims is going to try to influence the project.

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