Toronto Residents’ Association and Neighbourhood Groups map

David Topping has created this map which not only indicates the boundaries of, but provides links to all of Toronto’s resident associations and neighbourhoods groups maps. As he rightly points out:

WHY BOTHER? Toronto’s got plenty of residents’ associations and neighbourhood groups, but they’re not collected anywhere, and many of them don’t have names you could easily guess. (If you live in one of the condo buildings at Bay and St. Joseph, for instance, you probably don’t know that your residents’ association is called the Bay Cloverhill Community Association.) What that means, in practical terms, is there’s often no easy way to quickly find out who represents you, and no easy way to get involved to make a difference where you live. This map aims to help make that very, very easy.


The map is a work in progress, so if you see something missing, just let him know, his email is in the post!

HT to Michael Sims (@peltast) for the link!

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