8 thoughts on “Photo of 109 Ossington Design released.

  1. The residents, landlords, and shop-owners in the near environment do not approve. The community group Smart Growth for Ossington has been organizing to seek radical revisions in this proposal. smartgrowthforossington.ca

  2. I am delighted at the opportunity to *buy* in this neighbhourhood, rather than rent in it as I am now doing. *Some* residents, landlords, and shop-owners in the near environment do not approve; others (such as myself) do approve. Anyway, my experience is that first-wave gentrifiers resent second-wave gentrifiers who’ve been priced out of a housing market that the first-wave gentrifiers sent skyrocketing. I suppose that the pre-gentrification population resents the first-wave gentrifiers for changing “their” neighbourhood too. And so it goes. (Maybe I’ll resent third-wave gentrifiers, if they change my neighbourhood …)

    • LOL what a refreshing post as the history of our community has been totally ignored by the “newcomers” who have shaped our community in the eyes of so few and with the support of the new councilor.These condos are going up and I wonder how there is a plan to modify them when our councilor is in favour of them.But hey let’s not let progress get in the way of old time owners who wish they had a say.

      • Smart Growth for Ossington doesn’t see 86 tiny units in a hugely massed structure, flooding 70 cars onto a central walkway to a school, as ‘gentrification’ — we see it as ‘exploitation’.

        We welcome new residents to the community: turnover is part of what makes our community dynamic. But we want development to help *build* community, and we do not see how the proposed structure does that.

        Say, isn’t George Sawision the guy whose campaign posters advertised his ‘SaVision’? Time for a new prescription, George.

        • actually my “VISION” for our community wasn’t this one but the residents voted for mike and this vision.So do I ignore voters like yourself who voted for Mike?New vision? or do you like my “old ” vision for ward 18?

  3. George – Benj is going to come to the TBCA meeting on Monday (7pm TBCRC) to discuss these condos and his groups concerns with them. Seeing as you have such strong opinions on this matter, it would be great if you could attend and give your thoughts on them in person.

    • Thanks Matt. Yes, we will be at TBCA tonight. We are looking forward to meeting your vital and important group.

      Our position is mapped out in detail at smartgrowthforossington.ca

    • thanks for the invite , but considering the deal seems pretty much a done deal, what can I ever say to make any difference at that meting?Mike Layton is the councilor and he has the last say just as the other condos were “passed” by him. In the meantime I will be fighting the casino that is being prepared for the CNE grounds.

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