Saturday April 28 – West End Community Power Initiative event

Councillor Mike Layton is hosting an event with TABIA, Blourcourt, Bloor Annex and Koreatown BIAs on Saturday April 28 from 10:30am-4pm. The event is free and will provide an amazing opportunity for local groups, businesses and individuals to learn about what they can do as a community to make our neighbourhoods more sustainable, including geothermal projects for their homes and businesses, bulk purchasing programs and rooftop solar projects.
You can register on our website here: It is free, but we are asking people to register so we have an idea of attendance before hand.
We are also looking for volunteers. If you know anyone who may like to volunteer encourage them to sign up here:
Here are some of the details for the event:
A series of seminars (open to the public with pre-registration) will provide attendees with an understanding of their local renewable energy options and provide inspiring stories of successful Toronto-based projects.
Seminar topics include:
Renewable Energy 101;
A local church’s rooftop solar project;
Councillor Layton’s home-based geothermal system; and
A local bulk-buying initiative to make renewable systems more accessible.
Are you looking to develop green power projects in Ward 19? One objective of the WECPI is to establish three community-based working groups that will continue to promote and develop local options for pursuing renewable energy.
These groups include:
Rooftop Solar PV;
Geothermal; and
Bulk-Purchasing Options (for homeowners and small businesses).
An outdoor exhibit (weather permitting) will feature a variety of exhibitors including:
Solar developers;
Sustainable food;
Local refreshments and vendors;
Community power organizations.
Event date: April 28, 2012; 10:30 am to 4:00 pm.If you think this might be of interest to you or anyone, please register.

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