Meeting minutes – May 28, 2012

Here are the minutes from our last meeting on May 28. Our next meeting is happening a week earlier than normal this month, in order that there is no conflict with the public consultation meeting happening on June 25 around the 109 OZ development.

TBCA executive:

  •     Chris Walker
  •     Matt Bremer
  •     Michael Sims
  •     Paula Capela
  •     Anne Keary

Community members:

  •  Benj Hellie – Smart Growth for Ossington
  •  Michele Mondoux – Smart Growth for Ossington
  •  Rod Muir – Sierra Club Canada Waste diversion
  •  Bjorn Henderson – resident

Presentation by Benj Hellie re: Smart Growth for Ossington

–       group’s main rason d’etre is the new development at 109 Ossington, but their scope is not going to be limited to this issue in the future

–       one key component of the plan for 109OZ is the widening of Argyle Place, the laneway behind.

–       86 units at 50 square metres, means very high density

–       this will attract young single people who will not have as close ties in the community

–       cars accessing this unit may interfere with the plans to install the counter flow bike lane on Argyle

–       They feel the building is too high (25.5 m), there is a shadow study being conducted, results to come, but it’s safe to say that this will have a significant impact

–       Had a meeting with Mike Layton, who has set up meetings between the developer and the group.

–       Chris pointed out that this experience is very similar to the ML Lumber project on Dundas, specifically the lane widening.

–       Paula mentioned that one of the items of feedback from the OMB consultation with Rosario Marchese was that developers build tomorrow for what they sold yesterday, hence the focus on the single person.

–       Michael pointed out that in the new condos on King St. the developers are not selling out there parking spots

–       The TBCA shared some of our learnings from our experience with ML and that the resident opposition at the early stage was instrumental.

Rod Muir presentation:

–       Rod presented his alternative to the standard issue city scrap container

–       Rod wants feedback on the containers and distributed a number to the executive

Matt Bremer – Dog watering station in Trinity Bellwoods park

  • Matt presented on the current dog watering issue, and asked for TBCA group support
  • We would like to work towards a permanent solution
  • Anne and Paula supported Matt’s motion towards getting a TBCA backed issue
  • Paula is going to ask about section 37 money from Layton’s office

Advertising in TB CRC

–       Talked about the value of advertising in the TB CRC $1200

Group Promotion at local events:

–       Talked about the booth at the annual yard sale. Chris mentioned that we need to get more people involved in our monthly meetings and this would be a good step towards this.


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