The gates of Trinity Bellwoods Park – Refurb Redux.

As many community members may have noticed, the gates of Trinity Bellwoods park at Strachan and Queen St W. are currently getting some TLC. But wait, you say, weren’t these gates just refurbished at great expense back in 2006. Yes, they were, so we contacted Jo Ann Pynn, Supervisor, Cultural Assets, City of Toronto to get the 311 on why this is happening. Jo Ann informed me that the work being done is to accomodate the building of planters that were put in place in front of the gates back in 2006.

An unanticipated consequence was that the runoff from the driveway was channelled directly south, bringing with it organic debris.  If you entered the park through the gates, you might have noticed that organic material covering the cobblestones, which then supported weed growth.  We are installing a trench drain between the planters to solve this problem.
At the same time, a couple of chunks of “art” stone fell or were knocked off the structure, so we will restore that.  Finally, the gates have been “graffiti-ed” numerous times, and while we painted the damage out with each incident, we’ll take this opportunity to re-finish the entire assembly to a uniform colour again.
Jo Ann informs me that the work is being paid for out of Culture’s capital budget, and is expected to be completed by mid-September.


Additionally, you may have noticed that the ruts that were forming on the edges of the paths in the park have recently been filled in with limestone screening. Park Supervisor Brian Green informs me that this screening should compact down into a solid shortly. No doubt this will assist in making the edges of the paths less dangerous, and less likely to fill in with rainwater. Supervisor Green also tells me that soon his department will be installing the long awaited speed limit signs in the park, advising cyclists to slow down in key areas.


Finally, two of Toronto’s community blogs (Now & BlogTO) have recently written posts about the park, both with some interesting commentary

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  1. I am at the park pretty much every day and noticed that no progress has being made in the last week or so, works have stopped and the barricade is a mess for us users.
    Any explanation?


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