Friends of Roxton Road Parks

A group that I’ve personally been involved with since last year, formerly known as the Friends of Fred Hamilton Park has recently changed their name, and expanded their online presence, and it’s beginning to attract some attention. Now known as Friends of Roxton Road Parks ( their recent rebrand followed the inclusion of both George Ben Park and Roxton Road Parkette into the scope of their vision. Working with Ward 19 Councillor Mike Layton’s office, this group has been central to the city’s plans for redevelopment and refurbishing of park infrastructure. Some of the improvements that group is looking to accomplish include:

  • creating more accessible entry points into the parks
  • improvement of park paths
  • improvement of park washrooms
  • central seating or meeting area in Fred Hamilton

The group was recently featured on MSN (Roxton Road group dreams up parks plan) and also just launched their snappy new website , have a twitter profile (@roxtonroadparks), and of course are active on Facebook.

Additionally the group is planning some fun local events, starting with a community block party / yard sale on Saturday August 18 – more details here.