New Development: Origami Condos – 202 Bathurst St.

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project information

202 Bathurst Street, Toronto
Symmetry Developments
Teeple Architects
Paul Johnston
Condo, Retail
Couple of interesting things about this project. The listing says seven stories, but it might be eight. Additionally, although some neighbours are pleased about having a new building replacing the sad looking two stories there now, this development sticks out like a sore thumb. A tumblr blog has been set up to discuss some of the issues with this project:

A proposal has been made to redevelop 202 & 204 Bathurst Street. This is a condo tower designed to use both lots, maximising the number of units and their size. The condo tower is designed to facilitate the building of more condos to the south.

This blog is to disseminate information about this development, in order to improve the proposal.

Issues are seen with

(1) The height and it’s impact on the protected residential neighborhood

(2) The design which is not in keeping with the area

(3) Practical aspects of the proposal, such as the building’s impact on  Wolseley Street.

For more details, you can see the original documents that have been filed by the developer with the City. These can be found here…..   NOTE: You may find it easier to download the documents and then use Acrobat to view them. They were provided in a variety of orientations…

You can contact us at

We will continue to monitor this one.

*** UPDATE – From Councillor Layton’s office:

The application is for a 7 storey development.  

Originally proposed 8, by law requirement is 6, resolution is 7. The pre-application was Feb 14, 2012 and did not require community consultation at this stage. The public meeting will be November 21, 2012 The meeting location is still TBD. However, the time is confirmed from 7-9 pm. I will follow up with more information.


5 thoughts on “New Development: Origami Condos – 202 Bathurst St.

  1. The note that the “by-law requirement is 6, resolution is 7″ is misleading. The by-law doesn’t enforce the number of storeys, only ground floor heights and overall building heights. More importantly, there has not been a resolution of any kind at this point.

    Community Council is set for October 10, 2012 and the Public Meeting will be held on November 21, 2012. Make your voice heard by writing your thoghts to before October 10, 2012 or make your own deputation in person on October 10, 2012.

  2. to some degree that is true ,when ford came to power he put a moratorium on the new zoning rules that would have made development in ward 19 faster.But with council approval almost any plan can be approved.This makes the councilors power more acute and significant.Deputations and suggestions go onto deaf ears as these projects are usually a “done deal”

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