TBCA Meeting Minutes – October 29, 2012

Trinity Recreation Centre, Crawford Street

Monday, October 29th, 2011

7:00 P.M.



  • Chair – Chris Walker
  • Ross Burnett
  • Matt Bremer
  • Benij Hellie
  • Jonathan Barnor
  • Lubomyr Lahodynskyt
  • Pat Piron
  • Richard Swiecki
  • Craig Daniels
  • Ben Pakuts
  • Jillian Bondsley
  • Elspeth Cassar
  • Bjarne Pedersen
  • Ashley Da Silva – Councillor Mike Layton’s Office
  • Apologies – Anne Keary

Agenda for Evening:


1. Studio Bar

2. Origami Lofts

3. AGCO – Ward Meeting

4. Dog-Watering Station in Trinity Bellwoods


TBCA Administration

7. Executive Elections

6. TBCA Signing Authority 


Studio Bar

Presented by Ashley Da Silva from Cllr Layton’s Office

  • They are concerns that the space will be used for a live music venue and not as a restaurant.
  • As no building permits are required at this stage of the redevelopment process – makes it hard for the City to understand and validate intentions of the owner.
  • Original liquor licence application to the City was denied.  Owners have re-applied.
  • Cllr Layton in discussions with City’s Solicitor to draft conditions for new liquor licence.
  • Concern that liquor licence conditions are too loose for a restaurant – especially around noise (conditions are less restrictive than noise by-law)
  • Concerns about fire exits and fire safety. City assured TBCA that owners will need to meet building code for approval – Fire Services will need to ensure it meets code.
  • Zoning for site is unclear (shown as a zoning ‘hole’ new by-law) – Planning Department is looking into it to confirm actual zoning.
  • Owner would like to open in December.
  • Action: TBCA to provide additional conditions for consideration to Councillor Layton’s Office. Conditions will be re-issued to owner.

Origami Lofts

Presented by ? name? Local Resident on Wolseley

  • New six storey condo development at 202 Bathurst Avenue, although majority of building fronts onto Wolseley Street.
  • Zoned as a mixed use area (MCR – tbc)
  • Primary concerns are with the proposed height and servicing arrangement and their impact on Wolseley Street, which is a low rise residential street.
  • Additional concern with parking, shadows, sewer capacity, etc.
  • Local community blog on 202BathurstImprove.org
  • Preliminary Staff Report released.
  • Community Information meeting is scheduled for November 21st
  • Action: TBCA to help direct Wolseley Street residents to Councillor’s Layton’s Office

Executive Membership Vacancies

Presented by Chris Walker

  • TBCA requires new Executive Members to fill current vacancies of:
    • Treasurer
    • Media Secretary
    • Member-at-large x 2
    • Vacancies to be filled as soon as possible. Elections are scheduled for November TBCA meeting.
  • Action: Bjarne Pederse was nominated as Treasurer (for temporary term until November 2012.  Nomination passed.
  • Action: Ben Pakuts was nominated as the Media Secretary. Nomination passed.

Dog-Watering Station in Trinity Bellwoods

Presented by Matt Bremer

  • Progress is being made towards fund raising for new dog watering station in park.  Major donations have been secured from local ‘pet friendly’ businesses.
  • Would like to set up a PayPal donation system established to allow individuals to contribute, but having challenges due to status of TBCA.
  • Will explore other options for fund raising.
  • This project is on-going.


Presented by Chris Walker

  • AGCO is having a ward wide meeting on November 13th
  • TBCA will send representative and report back at November meeting 

Next TBCA Meeting is Monday November 26th, 7pm – 9pm

Trinity Bellwoods Recreation Centre


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