TBCA Meeting Minutes – November 2012 and January 2013



January 28, 2013 Attendees:


  • Chair – Chris Walker
  • Ashley Da Silva – Councillor Mike Layton’s Office
  • Elspeth Cassar
  • Tom Dean
  • Ann Dean
  • Bjarne Pedersen
  • Evan Saskin
  • Carol Craighead
  • Ben Pakuts
  • Penny Firth-Eagland
  • John Amoriaex
  • David Martin
  • Tatum Wilson (CAMH)
  • Darlene Giroux
  • Carol Keates
  • Liz Magner
  • Amy Hamblin
  • Blair Hobbs

November 26, 2012 Attendees:

  • Chair – Chris Walker
  • Ashley Da Silva – Councillor Mike Layton’s Office
  • Ross Burnett
  • Sue Campbell
  • Bjarne Pedersen
  • Lubomyr Lahodynskyt
  • Louis Skalar
  • Jennifer Gagner
  • Steven Burkes
  • Stephanie Partson
  • Anne Keary

Agenda items:

  • Origami Lofts
  • Studio Bar
  • 110 Palmerston
  • Urban Forestry Management Plan
  • Mocca Redevelopment
  • Camh Update
  • Dog-Watering Station
  • Fresh Patio
  • Kromer Radio Redevelopment
  • TBCA Executive Business

Origami Lofts

Presented by Lubomyr Lahodynskyt

  • New seven storey condo development at 202-204 Bathurst Avenue (Origami Lofts)
  • Community Information meeting completed on November 21st , approx. 50 participants
  • Concern that development is being assessed under the Mid-Rise Building Guidelines, even though Bathurst is not considered an ‘Avenue’.
  • Primary concerns have not been resolved – parking, height, servicing arrangements, impact on     Wolseley Street. Additional concern with shadows, sewer capacity, etc.
  • Local community blog set up: 202BathurstImprove.org
  • Preliminary Staff Report released.

 Action: TBCA to help direct Wolseley Street residents to Councillor’s Layton’s Office

CAMH Update

Presented by Tatum Wilson

  • Neighborhood liaison committee exists to provide input into development.
    • addressing dust issues, etc.
    • Liaison needs to be refreshed/re-energized.
    • Next meeting April 25th, during work week (6-8pm range). Tours of current new bldgs. May be a part of the meeting. Catherine Zhan, CEO of Development will be attending.
    • Phase 1B complete
    • Phase 2: two years from new construction – 3 new bldgs, placement.
    • Workmans Arts will have a space; full time arts residence to be incorporated, including art, theatre space, new patient beds, etc.
    • Previous concerns addressed by community liason: ~safety, elopees (missing patients), location of gym (available to community at certain times), forensics unit placement, parking of cement trucks, dust/noise issues.
    • Sign up for: “CAMH Connections” newsletter; see blog/twitter. TBCA to post callout for volunteers as well.

110 Palmerston Redevelopment

  • Complaint regarding variance 1 (change of use)
  • Property that currently exists: 1 story, “Queen Anne Cottage” style; but 2 story on paper. Will be adding 2 more stories (3 stories in total).
  • 20 metres is proposed new height.
  • Increase in density proposed.
  • Evan Saskin is the developer
  • Developing a number of projects in the neighborhood (similar property exists on Givens, other being built on Markham).
  • This Variance 1 is a “Use Variance” because a traditional split would be floor based or cut perpendicular to street.
  • Evan received a lot of opposition/letters and has reviewed the concerns.
  • Use Variance ~ regarding how property is divided.
  • House would occupy half of the property.
  • Offset from the street is the same as current property.
  • No height variance is required (~permitted)
  • CW: Other variance is a setback issue (SEE PLANS)
  • Variance being proposed is to match adjacent house #1 (which is much closer to street) rather than having a setback averaged between two adjacent (ie. Adjacent house #2 is much further setback than adjacent house #1).
  • CW: severance is not possible because of shared hallway; thus no danger of property being split into two in the future.
  • Evan: reason for this design is to help to gradually increase intensification.
  • Ashley: anyone can apply for a CofA. Mike’s office can assess input and work with community to make sure everyone is ok.
  • Community concern with lack of substantial backyard; loss of light and airflow (due to lack of stepbacks), future use and possibility of further increase in density (ie. If it becomes a boarding house in the future).
  • Community Question: why not build more appropriately?
  • Evan: Is there anything that we could do to improve community support?
  • Community: yes, a single family house with apartment.
  • CW: technical point that you may not know, density = floorspace/property area.
  • CW: only variance 1 is an issue. The other variances already have precedence.
  • Ashley: CofA Kromer site: MLayton was involved because it was big/massive. For smaller CofAs, community must become informed.
  • Community & CW: Requested shadow study. Evan has agreed to provide.
  • Evan: most of the CofA would be approved; until draft bylaw passes, at which point it would most likely be approved (inferring that this will eventually go through, so best to work with him in a positive, non-antagonistic manner).
  • Evan: proposes changes: to meet front setback requirement (ie. Loss of that variance); and to end 3rd story to match length of adjacent properties.
  • Deliverables: Stepback at back and shadow studies.
  • Evan: is solid on the “Use Variance”; but is amendable to making other changes.
  • Some in the Community: not happy with 2 houses scheme on one property.
  • Request to make 110 Palmerston email group. Interested parties to email CW.

Studio Bar, 824 Dundas Street

Presented by Chris Walker

  • CofA for restaurant; AGCO liquor licence for a Bar.
  • Tried to sell community on community space/restaurant, when actually a bar.
  • Ashley: AGCO application stopped; conditions added.
  • Spoke to supervisor for bldg. supervisor; concern was that there must be a kitchen.
  • Owners of Studio Bar revised plans have been submitted; proper use must be determined.
  • Noise issue, as residents abut on all sides.
  • Issue: tribunal would allow owners to cancel/redraft the condition(s) if this occurs.
  • CW: we are waiting for new plans to review
  • Ashley: solicitor corrected language pertaining to light pollution/issue on conditions.

822 Dundas “Creatures Collective” http://www.creaturescreating.com/

  • Resident who lives on 2nd floor: issue with special events; special occasions permit (SOP)/liquor license. Thus, regarding 824 Dundas, resident still has serious concerns about 824 as an event space (ie. Does not need to be a bar to be a source of unreasonable sound / smoke / vomit / underage drinking).
  • Ashley, update: if they apply for another SOP (special occasion permit), they will be stringently reviewed.
  • AGCO inspection is random currently.
  • Ashley: to lodge an effective noise complaint, must (1) contact licencing enforcement/main email (2) call customer service at AGCO.
  • SOP pulled by event organizer, not owner. Thus not the same person is involved each time.
  • Jane Letbetter from the AGCO will be attending one of the upcoming TBCA meetings to discuss/inform.

1247 Dundas, Milkglass Gallery

  • Liquor licence application in the works.

Urban Forestry Plan (Presented in November Meeting)

Presented by Jennifer Gagner

  • Area of study is bounded by Bathurst to Dovercourt and College to Queen.
  • Plan will provides an up to date tree inventory for all trees in community (street trees, private trees, parks).
  • Goal is to prepare a strategic 20 year tree protection plan with 5 year sub-plans to allow it to be more flexible and responsive.
  • Sets goals for expanding tree canopy cover, securing appropriate mix of tree types, pest management, heritage tree designations.
  • Will be used as a tool to decide what should be planted at new developments, what should be planted when trees need to be replaced, etc etc.
  • In preparing the study, the group worked with various Parks groups, community associations, parent teacher groups and the Councillors office.
  • Will start with an Operating Plan for Years 1 and 2.
  • When Plan completed, it will be circulated for comment to community groups for comment.
  • Completion of draft is expected mid-December 2012. Comments due by mid-January and final report by end of January 2013.

Urban Forestry Plan (Discussed in January Meeting)

  • Comprehensive, but a lot of work (all trees in the neighborhood must be measured/classified, door to door).
  • To organize a steering committee.
  • 1st meeting Feb 6th.

MOCCA Redevelopment

  • Preapplication meeting was held at the councillor’s meeting.
  • Biggest/highest/densest of all applications put forth in this ward.
  • Plans to demolish entire property, including a non-designated heritage building.
  • New building: retail ground, 8 stories on top
  • 151 units (~700 sq. ft, smallest 400).
  • Curbcut!!! to drive in and out of condo parking.
  • Allan Saskan (Urbancore) developers.
  • Possible precedence setter.
  • Ashley: next step: developers in process of submitting application. Community to be kept informed.

Dog Watering Station

  • Program partnership application form; dog watering station near bottom of east stairway in dog bowl.

Fresh patio

  • Application for permanent patio denied. Use of public land for private gain was an issue for some.
  • Fresh is now proposing a temporary patio structure.
  • CW requested changes to the application:
  • Change “can be dismantled” to “must” at the end of the swing season.
  • Bicycle parking along patio also proposed: but may impede sidewalk traffic.

Kromer Radio Redevelopment

  • Ashley: developer likely to apply for a rezoning application to help minimize degree of variances from major to minor.

Next TBCA Meeting is Monday February 25th, 7pm – 9pm
Note NEW meeting place:
The Tampered Press — B-256 Crawford Street (entrance on Dundas Street West)

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