Committee of Adjustment Public Notices – Hearings on Wednesday April 10, 2013

Spring construction is in the air! Seven properties have filed for adjustments. See below for further details. If these changes affect you be sure to attend the public hearing to learn more and make your voice heard.

15 Crocker Avenue: To alter the existing 1½-storey row house by constructing a second storey addition over the existing one-storey addition at the rear.

15 Crocker Avenue Notice.pdf

146 Strachan Avenue: To obtain consent to sever the property into two residential lots. These then will face onto Strachan Avenue and Massey Street, respectively. The resulting properties will each hold a three story dwelling.

146 Strachan Avenue Notice Consent.pdf
146 Strachan Avenue Notice Part1.pdf
146 Strachan Avenue Notice Part 2.pdf

178 Manning Avenue: The existing dwelling is a two-storey row house. Conversion of the attic space to habitable space and the construction of stairs; and, of a third floor dormer addition, will result in a three storey row house.

178 Manning Ave Notice.pdf

221 Markham Street: To legalize and maintain a third floor addition.

221 Markham St Notice.pdf

259 Dovercourt Road: To maintain the existing 2½ storey semi-detached dwelling fronting onto Dovercourt Road and to construct a twostorey
pair of semi-detached dwellings and a two-storey detached dwelling on the rear portion of the lot.

259 Dovercourt Rd Notice.pdf

750 Crawford Street: To permit construction of a 3 story rear addition. Also to construct a basement apartment with access from below the existing front porch.

750 Crawford St notice.pdf

775 King Street West: To maintain the as-built dimensions of 74 parking spaces within the underground garage.

775 King St W Notice.pdf

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