Keeping TABS on Toronto — TABS Civic Engagement tool launched!

TABS-on-Toronto1The Toronto Public Space Initiative is launching a brand new civic engagement tool called TABS On Toronto that will let residents, media, staff, and organizations sign up for email alerts from City Council based on their keyword preferences.

For example, a user can type into the system the name of their local street, or a policy issue of interest to them. Whenever that word comes up on a Council agenda item or background document they will get an automatic email from the system informing them of the upcoming Council meeting.

This system will help residents and organizations such as BIAs and Resident’s Associations, City Staff, Media, NGOs, and Councillor’s Offices by:

  • Saving them time and money as they won’t need to conduct manual searches for the up-to-date information they seek.
  • Making it easier for stakeholders to engage with City Hall and hold government accountable.
  • Helping to prevent stakeholders from missing important issues.

Other features include an enhanced search option using the City’s own thesaurus from its open data catalogue, showing users related and alternate keyword search terms that the City uses to help them refine their search. Resident’s will have an easier time keeping informed of what government is doing, never missing a beat, and getting their full 7 days statutory notice.

TABs On Toronto can be accessed here:

The system is launching as a beta and, if funding can be secured, future features will include Bill/policy progress tracking. To make a donation in support of this exciting initiative, visit:

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