No Casino Toronto Vote in Three Weeks — Sign the Petition Here

No_Casino_TorontoThousands of people, businesses, residents associations, former mayors of the City of Toronto and now even the President of Toronto Blue Jays have come out in opposition and asked that the city say no to a downtown mega casino.

There are only have a few weeks left before the vote on a Toronto mega casino. No Casino Toronto needs to double their petition numbers. You can help by signing the petition here:

You can also request a lawn sign at and find out more about the campaign on the No Casino website.

Here are 5 casino misconceptions for you to consider (originally from NOW Magazine):

  • Casinos reinvest in local communities. False. Most of the profits end up in the pockets of outside investors.
  • Casinos attract more tourism. Not true. They actually suck entertainment dollars out of existing tourist destinations.
  • A casino would mean more tax revenue for Toronto. In the short term, yes, but the social costs outweigh the economic benefits.
  • A casino would create thousands of jobs. OLG’s plans include closing slots at racetracks across the province, which will jeopardize more jobs – up to 60,000 in the horse racing and breeding industry alone.
  • Casinos do not contribute to crime. Wrong. Casinos are hot spots for money laundering. Studies also show an increase in alcohol-related crime.

Please sign and ask a friend to sign. Find out more about the campaign on the No Casino website.

3 thoughts on “No Casino Toronto Vote in Three Weeks — Sign the Petition Here

  1. Absolutely against the casino, ANY casino in the GTA. This is not Las Vegas.
    It may bring tourists and money. It may provide some job, but for how long. Many casinos in Ontario are laying off people due to the decline of business.
    Yet a casino will destroy the city and the lives of some people who live here. It will cost the municipal and provincial government millions to care for those who become addicted to the gambling and the actions taken by them to hold onto their habit… such as robberies, assault, killings, extortion. Not to mention the health consequences and the impact on the families. PLEASE NO CASINO.

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