City Councillors Vote to Tighten Condo Advertisement Regulations

Origami - 202 BathurstCouncillor Mike Layton is voting in support of a motion concerning condo pre-sale advertising, which has been a serious issue across Toronto. This motion may be referred to a standing committee with an opportunity for the community to depute.

The motion was put forward by Councillor Josh Matlow. The motion reads:

City Council request the City Manager to formally request the Ontario Ministry of Consumer Services to:

  1. require developers to clearly state that applications are subject to approval by the City of Toronto on all advertising for development applications until a Building Permit has been issued;
  2. require that the language “application is subject to approval by the City of Toronto ” must occupy no less than 25 percent of the advertisement;
  3. and define the term “advertising” as referenced in Parts 1a and 1b above, to include, but not be limited to: on-site, billboard, print, radio and television.

To stay up to date on this motion, visit the corresponding City of Toronto webpage by clicking here.

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