Patios for Hawker Bar, Bellwoods Brewery and Ward 19 Variances – April 24, 2013 Hearings

Three properties have filed for variances with the city’s committee of adjustment department, including Ossington’s Bellwoods Brewery and Hawker Bar. See below for further details. If these changes affect you be sure to attend the public hearing on April 24th and make your voice heard. See the resources below to learn more.

124 Ossington Avenue (Bellwoods Brewery): To maintain the restaurant use within the one-storey building and to construct a pergola with a retractable canopy over the patio to the front of the building.

124 Ossington Avenue Notice.pdf
124 Ossington Avenue Plans.pdf

164 Ossington Avenue (Hawker Bar): To construct an outdoor patio between the rear wall of the existing restaurant and the rear lot line.

164 Ossington Avenue Notice.pdf
164 Ossington Avenue Plans.pdf

222 Crawford Street: To construct a third storey addition and deck above the two storey rear portion of the existing row-house.

222 Crawford Street Notice.pdf
222 Crawford Street Plans.pdf

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