TBCA March 2013 Meeting–Summary Minutes

TBCA_logo_RGB_noURLTampered Press, Dundas Street
Monday, March 25th, 2013
7:00 P.M.




  • Chair – Chris Walker
  • Ashley Da Silva – Councillor Layton’s Office
  • John Amorim
  • Amy Hamblin
  • Darlene Giroux
  • Ben Watt-Meyer
  • Antony Hilliard
  • Nico Koenig
  • Carol Keates
  • Liz Manger
  • Paula Capela
  • Craig Daniels
  • Ben Pakuts
  • Jason Alexander
  • Kelly Sinclair
  • Ross Burnett

Agenda for Evening:


  1. Dog Watering Station
  2. Shaw Bike Lane
  3. Richmond Street and Adelaide Street Bike Lanes
  4. 110 Palmerston


  1. MOCCA Redevelopment
  2. John Gibbson House
  3. Studio Bar
  4. Fresh Patio Update
  5. 109 Oz OMB
  6. Homegrown National Park

Dog Watering Station
Presented by Trena Cesario, City of Toronto

  • City of Toronto is now involved in the process.
  • Project application has been completed and is with City – waiting for approval or rejection.
  • Application will be evaluated by the City. A decision is expected before summer.
  • Under 50k, a project does not need to go through Council.  This project has donated approximately 7k.
  • Parks supervisor is supportive of the project.
  • Dog watering station model identified in the proposal is not one that the City typically deals with. TBCA asked whether we would be open to another model that is similar, but provided by a vendor that the City already works with.  It was agreed that the City can use an alternative model for the fountain.
  • Torontoparksandtrees.org lists all the projects that the City department is working with.
  • Torontoparksandtrees.org will be where donations can be made to the project in future.
  • Trina will investigate a new fountain option that integrates a human fountain and a dog fountain.

Shaw Street Contraflow Bike Lane
Presented by Nico Koenig and Anthony Hillard, Cycle Toronto

  • Presented on proposal for Contraflow Bike Lane on Shaw Street.
  • Route will be on east side of Shaw Street between King and Davenport
  • Route to be delineated by a mix of sharrows and contraflow method
  • Parking will be preserved on Shaw Street – no issues for parking
  • Shaw northbound will become narrower (east side)
  • Additional signage will be required
  • Cycle Toronto is looking for a letter of support from TBCA

Richmond Street and Adelaide Street Bike Lanes
Presented by Nico Koenig and Anthony Hillard, Cycle Toronto

  • Currently undertaking an EA for the implementation of dedicated bike lanes
  • Expected to be designed similar to Sherbourne Street
  • EA will propose alternatives to design
  • EA Process has just started
  • Meet once a months – contact ward19@cycleto.ca for more details

110 Palmerston Redevelopment Proposal
Presented by Chris Walker

  • Property that currently exists: 1 story, “Queen Anne Cottage” style. Will be adding 2 more stories (3 stories in total).
  • Developer is going before Committee of Adjustment to seek 6 zoning variances.
  • 20 metres is proposed new height.  Also seeking an increase in density (lot coverage), setback variance and use variance.
  • Use Variance ~ regarding how property is divided (both horizontally and vertically).
  • No height variance is required.
  • Adjacent residents are concerned with lack of backyard; loss of light and airflow, future use and possibility of further increase in density (to 6 units).
  • To address shadow, developer has cut back the third floor to reduce impact – could this be done further?
  • Cllr office will circulate new floor plans to TBCA (presented on 26th of March).
  • TBCA to consider drafting a letter to CofA expressing concerns with this proposal. To be further discussed.
  • Was postponed at CofA, but have not applied yet.

MOCCA Redevelopment

  • Proposal by Urbancorp for a 9 storey building.
  • 151 units proposed.
  • One large format retailer at grade.
  • Process is pre-application stage.
  • Public meeting yet to be scheduled.
  • City waiting for re-application and will then schedule a public meeting.
  • Significant concern from TBCA on design expression, contextual fit and overbuild of this site.

 West Queen West Heritage Conservation District Proposal (WQWHCD)

  • Ossington Community Association is proposing a WQWHCD and inviting TBCA to support them in a heritage conservation district for Queen Street West (west of Bathurst).

John Gibbson House

  • Tree was saved and ramp is to be redesigned (yay!).

Studio Bar, 824 Dundas Street
Presented by Chris Walker

  • Owner has issued a petition of support for the venue
  • Building permits are being applied for at moment
  • No liquor licence will be issued until building permits are issued

Fresh Patio Update

  • Redesign is going ahead.

HomeGrown National Park (David Suzuki) and the Urban Forestry Plan

HomeGrown National Park 
Idea is to trace Garrison Creek through the area >> Foundation is collecting ideas at this stage.  Ideas to be distilled through the process.

Urban Forestry Management Plan
Will identify public, private and street trees across the neighbourhood (age, condition, issues, etc).  Planned as a 2 to 5 year project.  Harbord Village completed a plan in 2008.  An example is on Harbord Village  website. Leadership for this projevt is still unclear.


Next TBCA Meeting is Monday March 25th, 7pm – 9pm
At the Tampered Press Café,
256 Crawford Street at Dundas St W.
Entrance on Dundas Street

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  1. Is the next meeting on April 29th from 7-9? Since I was unable to attend the last two meetings, looking forward to making this one. Thanks,

    • Hi Carol, apologies for the delayed response. As you might have gathered we did not meet this month but are planning on doing so next on May 27th. Hope you can make that.

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