Community Murals to be Created for Laneway Facing Trinity Bellwoods Park

street_art_muralThe organization known as Community CAVE (Communities Advancing Valued Environments) and artist Angel Carrillo (Cruz1) will be completing a 4 month, bi-weekly experience-based learning opportunity for at-risk youth.

This “contemporary urban arts” program will direct its focus on framing graffiti as an accepted form of contemporary art by teaching youth about the negative impacts of graffiti as vandalism and empowering them to engage the community to collaboratively develop their own mural project, with the support of organizations, businesses and institutions. The artist Cruz1 will work with CAVE and the Toronto Police to recruit youth diverted through the court system as well as interested neighbourhood youth.

Location:  The workshops will be held at Community CAVE, located at 15 Atlantic Avenue. The proposed graffiti removal and mural location is the laneway facing Trinity Bellwoods Park and makes up the garages of the houses between 941-993 Dundas Avenue West.

This initiative was supported by StreetARToronto.

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