CAMH Redevelopment Forecast into 2021

The CAMH Neighbourhood Liaison Committee–which provides a forum for communication between neighbours, local businesses and community stakeholders–has reconvened.  Meetings began in May 2013 and are held quarterly.

News regarding the development includes expansion of the original space forecast, which was conducted in 2002 and projected to 2008/2010. The forecasts has now been revised to a 2021 time horizon, predicting an increase in space of approximately 20%.
The increased space is needed to accommodate new space standards, an emergency department, clinical growth as well as research and education growth.

The project is currently in the planning, design, PSOS and approvals phase which is scheduled from 2013 to 2015.

For further information on the project, please visit the CAMH Redevelopment site. To keep informed, subscribe to CAMH updates by sending an email to

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