Ossington Avenue High Street Development Review Released

ossington_report_condoThe Ossington Community Association has announced the release of the Ossington Avenue High Street Development Review.

The OAHSDR helps define the unique character of the Ossington strip, set against a background of extensive historical research. The report proposes a certain profile for proposed condominium development on Ossington—particularly the “109OZ” site, which is being proposed as a five storey building just south of Argyle Street.

Here is the executive summary of the OAHSDR judgements pertaining to “109OZ”:


  • It is a full-on Avenues solution in a non-Avenues context.
  • It is out of scale and character, diminishing the significance of buildings and spaces.
  • It has a character, texture and treatment that conflicts with the existing urban grain.
  • It is unsustainable, and cannot be readily replicated elsewhere on Ossington Avenue.
  • It involves setting precedents, that can only be used as parts in other types of projects.
  • It creates adverse impacts on the adjacent Neighbourhood, not currently experienced.
  • It creates undesirable conditions of overview & overshadowing on the Neighbourhood.
  • It does not pass the tests of fit, respect and improvement:

See the report to read more, by clicking here.

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