TBCA May 2013 Meeting Minutes

Trinity Bellwoods Recreation Centre
Monday, May 27th, 2013
7:00 P.M.



  • Chair – Chris Walker
  • Ashley Da Silva – Councillor Layton’s Office
  • Ben Pakuts
  • Liz Magner
  • Loise Schklar
  • Liz Manger
  • Paula Capela
  • Carol Keates
  • Darlene Giroux
  • Natasha Mitchell
  • Jade Leadbetter
  • Ariel Stagni
  • Laura McCornally
  • Darren Leu
  • Graeme Luey
  • Kelvin Ngan
  • Annabelle Kennedy
  • Gillian Bowes
  • Ann Holmes
  • Bjarne Peterson
  • Ross Burnett
  • Lahodynsktj
  • Mike Bodor
  • Alex Ottens
  • Sebastian Lye
  • Carol Craighead


  1. Studio Bar and Creature Comforts Bar
  2. 944 Queen St W – MOCCA Redevelopment
  3. 420 Bathurst St – Kromer Redevelopment
  4. Origami Lofts
  5. 146 Strachan Avenue
  6. 110 Palmerston Avenue
  7. 114 & 116 Robinson Street


Studio Bar and Creature Comforts Bar, 822 and 824 Dundas Street:
Presented by Ben Pakuts and local resident Carol Keates

  • Continued complaints of event space impacting residents on Euclid Ave.
  • Community concern that it is operating as an after hours club
  • Major noise issues – City controls noise limits (up to 11pm). These are not controlled or related to the Alcohol and Gaming Commission (that issue liquor licences to bars and restuarants)
  • No liquor licence has been issued for the premises, but they still hold special events
  • Special Events Permits (SEPs) are being used to hold event. Permits are issued through the LCBO and not the Alcohol & Gaming Commission.
  • Special Events permits are issued by the LCBO – few controls over these. They are not controlled by the Liquor Licence Board.
  • Jade Leadbetter of AGCO is the local liquor inspector for the area – she attended meeting to hear problems and identify an appropriate technique for responding
  • Complaints can be issued at: customer.service@agco.com (Alcohol & Gaming Commission)
  • Jade has agreed to investigate complaints and has recommended that residents start a log of violations (date, time, issue), etc.
  • Jade advised residents to call the City as well (311) and Municipal Licensing Standards (MLS) to make sure that they record the complaint
  • Owner has submitted additional information to the City in support of their liquor license application

Studio Bar and Creature Comforts Bar Feedback:
Update from Owners: Mike Boder and Darren Leu

  • Owners of Studio Bar claim that there has been some outreach from the owners to the neighbours
  • Owners of Studio Bar have volunteered to provide local residents with their neighbours
  • Owners of Studio Bar have volunteered to have noise tests with adjacent neighbours
  • Creature Comfort have indicated that they are looking into doing sound proofing
  • Owners of Creature Comfort have volunteered to provide local residents with their neighbours

944 Queen St W – MOCCA Redevelopment
Presented by Chris Walker

  • Public meeting is on Thursday June 4th at 7pm at the Trinity Bellwoods Recreation Centre
  • The City Planner on the file is: Marian Prejel mprejel@toronto.ca
  • Proposal by Urbancorp for a 9 storey building.
  • 151 units proposed.
  • One large format retailer at grade
  • Concern that this will remove a heritage building on Queen Street West
  • Concern that this will negatively impact the character of Queen Street West

420 Bathurst St – Kromer Redevelopment
Presented by Ashley Da Silva – Councillor Layton’s Office

  • A full rezoning is being applied for – 18m in height with 8,000sq ft of retail
  • June 6th is the first public meeting at College Street United Church, 454 College, at 7pm
  • The planner on the file is: Marian Prejel mprejel@toronto.ca
  • Bathurst Ave from Queen to Dupont is going to fall under a new `area study’ planning study . The first meeting for this is June 4th at 707 Scadding Court Community Centre, 5pm to 6:30pm
  • This will capture Kromer and Origami proposals

Origami Loft
Presented by Ashley Da Silva – Councillor Layton’s Office

  • Planners Final Report is due soon
  • Zoning application is tentatively scheduled to go before Council on June 18th
  • Councilor is suggesting developing a working group on the application
  • Community concern remains with parking and sewage volume
  • City is setting up a meeting with community group to discuss issues raised by residents to see if they can be resolved prior to application being submitted.

146 Strachan Avenue

  • Currently there is a single storey home on site. Proposal is for a three storey duplex with basement walk out.
  • Developer is applying for a series of variances at the CoA.
  • Neighbour is concerned with the density, depth and height of the proposal
  • TBCA has offered to help neighbour prepare a letter for the CoA.

 110 Palmerston Redevelopment
Presented by Chris Walker and Liz Magner

  • Property that currently exists: 1 story, “Queen Anne Cottage” style. Will be adding 2 more stories (3 stories in total).
  • Landmark Development is going before Committee of Adjustment to seek 6 zoning variances.
  • 20 metres is proposed new height.  Also seeking an increase in density (lot coverage), setback variance and use variance.
  • No height variance is required.
  • Adjacent residents are concerned with lack of backyard; loss of light and airflow, loss of privacy, future use and possibility of further increase in density (to 6 units).
  • To address shadow, developer has cut back the third floor to reduce impact – could this be done further?
  • Similar product is 170 Markham Street.
  • Concern from TBCA was that we wrote a letter of concern, but the plans has since changed. Letter needs to be updated.
  • Community has a petition from 75 residents that are concerned.

 114 & 116 Robinson Street Expansion (third floor addition)
Presented by Ann Holmes

  • Proposal is a for a third floor development across two duplexes (up to 2.3x the area of the lot)
  • Developer is York West
  • Originally went to CofA on Nov 2011. Variances were rejected.
  • Developer appealed to OMB. Going to OMB in early July 2013.
  • Some community members are meeting with developer in early June.  Additional details of the proposal will become more clear following that meeting
  • Concern with his building maintenance and quality, based on other York West owned properties in the neighbourhood.

 Next TBCA Meeting is Monday July 29th, 7pm – 9pm
At the Trinity Bellwoods Recreation Centre,


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