After the Storm: Coping with Energy Shortages and Basement Flooding

Monday’s storm caused widespread flooding and has left Toronto’s energy grid vulnerable. In the West end, we have been experiencing rolling black outs and Toronto Hydro is asking residents to conserve as much energy as possible. Please help by doing the following:

  • turn off your air conditioner or set it to a higher temperature (26 degrees)
  • turn off non-essential lighting
  • avoid using major appliances like clothes dryers and dishwashers

If you’ve experienced flooding and have flood-damaged items, the City will be carrying out a special City-wide garbage collection, beginning Saturday July 13 to collect damaged materials (carpet, furniture, etc). The City has asked that residents contact 311 to report basement flooding during the storm to help track where flooding occurs. Lastly, If you’ve had a problem with sewage backing up into your basement, you may want to look into the City’s Basement Flooding Subsidy Program.


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