Smart Commute’s Free Carpool Zone Tool

smart_commute_metrolinxSmart Commute, a program of Metrolinx, is focused on easing gridlock, improving air quality, reducing commuters’ costs and making the commuting experience more enjoyable. There are currently more than 670,000 commuters in the Smart Commute network.

To date, more than 305 workplaces have signed on to the program and are designated Smart Commute workplaces. A key service, Smart Commute’s Carpool Zone online ride-matching service, is growing by almost 140 new carpools each month. Ask your employer to join today.

“We are helping to reduce commuters’ vehicle travel by over 600,000 km every month,” said Leslie Woo, Vice President of Policy, Planning & Innovation. “Smart Commute is transforming the way people commute – and the way they think about commuting – which is an important feature of The Big Move.”

Organizations that are interested in saving money and demonstrating leadership are encouraged to learn more.

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