TBCA Meeting this Monday: September 30th, 2013

September 2013 Meeting Reminder


TBCA Meeting: Monday, September 30th, 2013

The next bi-monthly TBCA meeting will be held at the Trinity Bellwoods Recreation Centre. We typically meet in the second floor hallway.

Mark it in your calendars and email us if you’d like to add something to the agenda at info@trinitybellwoods.org.

A letter from the TBCA Chair

Hi Everyone,

Mike Layton will be attending our TBCA meeting this upcoming Monday. There’s a tonne of stuff happening in the neighbourhood and this is a great opportunity to hear Mike out directly on issues that affect you.

I’ve been chairing the TBCA now for almost 2 years and I’ve started to notice some themes emerge…and they are not positive. Therefore, I’m suggesting we meet to discuss issues in general, not to go into great detail on any one issue. The purpose is ultimately to understand if the TBCA has a roll to play in public policy and neighbourhood improvement, or not.

Why do I ask this?

I’ve seen developers have their proposals shot down by hundreds of residents, but the plans don’t change. I’ve watched people ask the same questions over and over and not get answers. I’ve seen extensive public consultations on neighbourhood development with very clear input, yet planning moves ahead with the will of the developer in mind. I’ve celebrated victory in negotiating with the City and developers and then see that we didn’t get what we were told. I’ve seen time used as a means to erase our memory. I’ve seen people fight to have noise issued controlled by inscrupulous people who work around the edges of the law only to find their un-neighbourly behaviour rewarded with permits. I’ve seen the appeal process to the OMB make a farce of people’s hard work. I’ve seen departments point at departments in a perfect circle. It’s a challenge just to get the Ice Rink schedule changed!

The residents of Trinity Bellwoods are a smart, sensitive and rational bunch of people when they get up and speak on issues that really matter; living in the shadow of oversized buildings, being kept up by noise, dysfunctioanl public spaces.

When I do see success in the neighbourhood, its when people act independently of the major forces at play on issues that don’t have financial impa! ct on private pockets; like graffiti improvement or a yard sale or a garden planting.

Come hear Mike tell us whether you have a voice that really matters. See you Monday at 7:00 in the Rec Centre at the second floor hall table.



Chris Walker
TBCA Chair

TBCA Meeting Agenda

1. Events
– David Suzuki Foundation Park Crawl
– RANACA (downtown residents association) Meeting

2. Environmental Causes
– Urban Forestry Master Plan
– DSF Homegrown National Park

3. Federal & Provincial Public Policy
– Abolishing the OMB
– Alcohol in the Park
– AGCO – Studio Bar

4. Major Redevelopment Applications
– Kromer on Bathurst
– ML on Dundas
– 109 OZ on Ossington
– Origami on Bathurst
– MOCCA on Queen
– Salvation Army on Queen

5. Minor Redevelopment Applications
– 110 Palmerston
– 146 Strachan

6. Urban Planning
– Ossington Area Study
– Bathurst Area Study
– WQW Heritage District

7. Park Use
– Dog-Watering Station
– Ice Rink Schedule

8. TBCA General
– Pay for Internet Hosting
– Pay for the Events Banner
– Business Cards?

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