Condo owners: your feedback required

Toronto_condoLast month, the government’s Condo Act review panel released its second report. The report’s recommendations represent some progress on issues of condo governance and transparency; however—in the words of Rosario Marchese—”the report’s proposed dispute resolution recommendation does not go far enough to give condo owners a quick and inexpensive alternative to the courts.”

Click on the links to read the Condo Act’s report and Rosario’s Toronto Start critique of how the Ontario Government is failing condo owners.

Condo Owners: The government needs to hear from you to ensure that the Condo Act review process is guided by the needs and perspectives of condo owners — not consultants, lawyers and developers.

The public has until November 8 to provide feedback on the report. If you own a condo, or are considering a purchase in the future, please speak up! You can fill out a survey by clicking here.

Even better: send an email to Consumer Services Minister Tracy MacCharles.


One thought on “Condo owners: your feedback required

  1. The article that Rosario had printed in the Star is riddled with errors and blatant lies. The biggest error is his characterization of the Condo Review.

    The Review was done using an innovative public engagement process that saw thousand of Ontarians participate directly in the process. And yet Rosario diminishes and disparages their work. This was not a government “review panel” as Rosario dismissively implies. And, most of all, this is a report from the Public Policy Forum that is delivered as advice to government. It represents a consensus that we developed over 14 months between owners, developers, managers, lawyers and regular citizens.

    Why does Rosario thinks he knows better than the thousands of people who came together to draft this report? Who did *he* consult?

    As a matter of fact, Anne-Marie Ambert — whose Condominium Information Centre website he references — was an active participant in the review and approved the final report. Even his old allies have deserted him on this issue because they want real reform, not the self-serving band-aid solutions he has proposed in the past.

    One final thing: he says the Stage 2 report “deliberately avoids dealing with the biggest issues.” The issues he then goes on to describe have nothing to do with the Condo Act. Nothing. And this review dealt with the Condo Act. However, the information that was revived during the Review that fell outside the Condo Act was sent to the appropriate Ministry for action. And they are acting on that information. But, despite the normative way Rosario approaches the world, these issue have nothing to do with the Condo Act.

    I encourage everyone to visit the Condo Review Page at the Ministry of Consumer Services to find out more about how this review was done, ( and then read the Stage 2 Report.

    That report is in the hands of government and in Stage 3 that advice will be considered. A comprehensive reform package will be introduced in the near future.


    Bryan Leblanc
    Director of Communications
    Office of the Honourable Tracy MacCharles
    Minister of Consumer Services

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