TBCA Meeting Minutes, January 2014


Trinity Bellwoods Recreation Centre
Monday, January 27th, 2014
7:00 P.M.


  • Chair – Chris Walker
  • Ashley Da Silva – Councillor Layton’s Office
  • Bjarne Peterson
  • Ross Burnett
  • LJ Lahodynsktj
  • Dominic Valela


  1. Open Meeting


Open Meeting:

  • 2-year term period for Board Membership concluded at end of November. Currently TBCA has 3 vacancies that need to be filled on in next election.
  • Chair is interested in maintaining this position, but he needs additional support to allow him to continue in this role. Chair to identify what specific types of additional support it is required – membership, promotion, web update, email filtering and re-responding, marketing, etc.
  • Clearer protocols need to be created and followed for promoting meetings to TBCA mailing list.  Notice should be circulated electronically via email one week prior to the meeting with a reminder email or facebook post sent out a couple of days prior to the meeting. This should include the agenda and potentially the newsletter.  TBCA should make better use of their electronic membership list.
  • Creating an SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) may be a way forward to help allocate responsibility and clarify process.  SOPs define tasks and duties and processes for the Board. May be useful to promote available positions.
  • An idea was presented to establish a TBCA Committee Structure based on themes, such as neighbourhood development, parks and public realm, crime and safety, media, community change, and so forth. Committees would then be tasked with responding to their area of ‘expertise’.  This would help share work load and relieve some of the Chair’s responsibilities.
  • It was noted by Cllr Office that TBCA geography is one of the largest – it may become more manageable if we were to reduce the boundaries of the area of study. Potentially focussing on area north of Queen St W.
  • It was also commented that community meetings could be more informal – to attract more residents. PARA (Palmerston Area Residents Association) is a good example of a residents association that makes sessions more informal.
  • Generally agreed that TBCA need to promote themselves more strongly and better utilize our existing membership lists – email blasts, regular updates to website, bi-monthly newsletters, email update list, meeting notifications.
  • Next Steps: Prepare newsletter that focuses on call out for action.  Request additional Board members with a clearly defined role.
  • Interim Board Meeting to be scheduled to discuss future of the Board, member gaps and roles.

Next TBCA Meeting is Monday March XXth, 7pm – 9pm
At the Trinity Bellwoods Recreation Centre,

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