Ward 19: Name Your Lane Project

Trinity_lanes_map_aerialThough well used, most of Toronto’s laneways don’t have a name. Ward 19 is no exception. If you have ever tried describing the location of something located in an unnamed lane, you’ll know that isn’t easy. This is especially troublesome if you need to report a fire or some other emergency taking place in a neighbourhood lane.

TBCA and Councillor Mike Layton would like to invite you to help name these lanes.

To participate: send your thoughts, ideas and comments to TBCA Chair Chris Walker chris.walker@trinitybellwoods.org or Ashley Da Silva adasilv2@toronto.ca from Councillor Layton’s officee.

To read more, see an open letter from Chris Walker and Mike Layton: Name Your Lane Project.

In the News: An article on the “Name Your Lane Project” was featured in the Toronto Star. To read the article, click here.


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