TBCA Meeting Minutes — March 31, 2014

Trinity Bellwoods Recreation Centre
Monday, March 31st, 2014
7:00 P.M.



  • Chair – Chris Walker
  • Councillor Mike Layton
  • Ashley Da Silva – Councillor Layton’s Office
  • TC Sclocco (Helmuts)
  • Trena Cesario – City of Toronto, Parks and Recreation
  • Paula Capela
  • Ross Burnett
  • LJ Lahodynsktj
  • Dominic Valela
  • Ben Pakuts
  • Loise Schklar
  • Siam Owen
  • Walter Girlato
  • Pat Ressa
  • Kevin Cooper


  1. Pet Fountain
  2. Laneway Naming nominations
  3. MOCCA Redevelopment
  4. OZ Redevelopment
  5. Trinity Bellwoods Park Clean-Up
  6. RioCan Proposal on College
  7. Studio Bar




Pet Fountain:

  • The Community has raised all the required moneys for the dog fountain to be installed in the leash-free area of the dog pit.
  • Fountain to be installed by the City in 2015.
  • Funding was secured primarily through Timmies, Helmuts Pets Supplies and West Queen West BIA.
  • Toronto Parks and Trees Foundation is holding the money on behalf of the community and the City.
  • `Donation Station` are a pilot project run at Riverdale and High Park Zoo to raise money for parks. Trinity Bellwoods would benefit from this idea and one could be included in the dog pit and other high traffic areas of the park. Friends of Trinity Bellwoods will be pursuing this idea with the City.


Laneway Naming:

  • The ML Lumber redevelopment would like to name some laneways to give their new residents a street address
  • The developer suggested the names `Mika Alley` and `Joe Queen Lane`, but these were turned down by the City due a perceived lack of support for the initiative
  • Councillor Vaughan and Layton are trying to introduce street names for all lanes – safety benefits and community spirit
  • Cllr Layton is asking for Lane Naming nominations from within the community – a letter will be circulated shortly asking for recommendations.
  •  Nominations can be sent to the Councillor`s office at adasilv2toronto.ca


MOCCA Redevelopment Update:

  • City Staff did not accept the original 9 storey proposal as it was and did not secure rezoning at the City
  • Developer is taking the City`s decision to the OMB
  • OMB date is set for June 2014
  • Building was slightly re-designed (8 storey), but this redesign was not formally re-submitted to the City for consideration. What is before the OMB is the original 9storey proposal.
  • TBCA is to write a letter against the development and in support of the City fighting this case at the OMB (letter due before April 10th Council meeting)


Park Clean-Up Day


OZ Redevelopment

  • Development is still before the OMB. No decision on application has been made yet.


RioCan Proposal on College Street

  • New retail store with residential above is proposed to replace the existing smaller scale LCBO and surface parking lot
  • 9 storey building proposed
  • Building is in compliance with rear setback requirement (transition to Neighbourhood area)
  • Building as proposed is in compliance with Mid-Rise Building Guidelines
  • No date for zoning amendment to go before Council for approval



  • Bar is formally opened now with their liquor license
  • Have already had several noise complaints, even though the owners have done some upgrades to sound proofing
  • AGCO has said that the City cannot put noise conditions on bylaws for bars and restaurants (this severely limits the City`s power to control noise)


Next TBCA Meeting is Monday May 26th, 7pm – 9pm
At the Trinity Bellwoods Recreation Centre

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