TBCA May Meeting Summary Minutes

Trinity Bellwoods Recreation Centre

Monday, May 26, 2014

7:00 P.M.



  • Chair – Chris Walker
  • Councillor Mike Layton
  • Ashley Da Silva – Councillor Layton’s Office
  • Paula Capela
  • Ross Burnett
  • Loise Schklar
  • TC Sclocco
  • Carolyn Wong (for part)
  • Bjarne Peterson
  • Craig Daniels
  • Carol Craighead


Studio Bar: Councillor Mike Layton gave a summary of the current state of matters regarding Studio Bar, which continues to disrupt local residents, confirming that:

  • The space is not a “restaurant”, but rather an “entertainment establishment”, contrary to zoning.
  • The City is set to take them to the Municipal Court.
  • MLS has been showing up on site.
  • In a province-wide move, the AGCO threw out the conditions that were drafted by the City to protect residents.
  • Was 1 of 8 bars invited to a meeting with Police, MLS, Coucillor and the AGCO. May & Hard Luck were also invited.
  • 2 motions have been made by Council to have MLS meet with AGCO & Police.

MOCCA  Development Application

  • Development is now approved by City Council who negotiated a settlement with applicant
  • City Staff supported the revised application
  • 8 storeys with integrated mechanical penthouse
  • Design meets 45 degree angular plane requirement at rear. Developer provided greater setbacks than initial application.
  • Wider sidewalks are to be provided along Queen Street West frontage
  • 10% three bedroom units are to be provided, but with a greater increase in Bachelor units as well
  • Slightly smaller retail unit size (reduced from 9,0000sq ft to 8,000sq ft)
  • One heritage (non-designated) building is to be demolished as part of redevelopment
  • MOCCA will not remain on site.
  • Concern from TBCA that this will set a precedent for 8 storey buildings along Queen Street West (which currently supports a 4 storey height limit) as well as for the demolition of older, established “character buildings” that define the neighbourhood.  Also concerns with on-going consolidation of smaller parcels into larger “mega” development sites that can support larger condo developments while destroying the existing building fabric and streetscape.

West Queen West Area Study

  • Currently in a queue to be undertaken by the City
  • In longer term, outcomes of study may result in zoning by-law changes (height, density, etc)
  • Not expected to be initiated this current year
  • Heritage will be an element of the study
  • Heritage building inventory is required for Queen Street West as part of this process

Film Permits

  • Increasing filming in the neighbourhood is creating some problems
  • Space demands for production vans is excessive and often beyond what they are allowed in their permits. Permit allows for 60 feet of coning.
  • Crews are able to block streets for 24-48 hours prior to filming
  • Production companies are not providing notification to neighbourhood
  • Idea presented for production companies to provide a donation towards a for a “community improvement fund” when filming in the area.  It was suggested that funds collected could go towards maintenance and upgrade of Trinity Bellwoods Park.

Queen Street West Sidewalk Repair

  • Repair of sidewalk along Queen St W is scheduled to begin mid-June 2014.
  • Work will repair numerous cuts in sidewalk and replace black asphalt with concrete.

Food Trucks

  • A new bylaw passed by City to allow food trucks on streets, but not in front of park, on residential streets or within 50 metres of established restaurants.
  • Trucks can only park in one spot for a limited amount of time.
  • Bylaw does not apply to ice cream trucks

Laneway Naming

  • Councillor Layton is trying to introduce street names for all laneways in the area for safety benefits and community spirit
  • An information booklet has been prepared by the Councillor and is available through his office
  • Nominations can be sent to the Councillor`s office at adasilv2toronto.ca
  • Volunteers needed to help flyer streets

Next TBCA Meeting is Monday July 28th, 7pm – 9pm

At the Trinity Bellwoods Recreation Centre,


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