Filming Notice for this Wednesday: Trinity Bellwoods Park, July 9, 2014

  • Filming Location and time: 790 Queen St W (Gore Vale and Queen; exact location not yet decided, but will likely be in various areas of the park), between 9am and 9pm.
  • Details: This project will involve 40 – 50 cast and crew. (Project title) TD Back To School – 50 Gallons & 50 Pound Dog. (Details) Shot #1: Stunt man belly flops into a kiddie pool filled with green jello, jumping from 50 cm platform. Shot #2 Trained dog with animal wrangler chases balloon animals inside a fenced enclosure. Production will bring its own enclosure, like a snow fence.
  • Crew Parking: North or South side of Queen St W between Strachan Ave and Gore Vale Ave (excluding rush hours).
  • Film Manager Contact Details: Rebecca Young, 647-444-3771 (Beno & Wolf film company)

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