Enjoying Trinity Bellwoods Park This Summer

park bench trinityThe TBCA recently met with Michael Muir, the 14 Division Police Constable that is responsible for patrolling Trinity Bellwoods Park.

He has served this role for the past three summers, over which he has experienced a lot of responsible behaviour as well as other behaviour that has threatened the enjoyment of the park for others.

For the summer of 2015, the patrol of the park will be known as “Project Growler” and will represent a continuation of the preventative approach, with flyers being handed out and warnings being given, rather than a blanket ticketing approach.

Mr. Muir will be looking for any behaviour that is blatantly in violation of the laws and regulations governing the park. In addition, Park Ambassadors and City staff (Bylaw enforcers, and Animal Services inspectors) will also be monitoring the park to ensure respectful behaviour that fosters the fair and shared use of the park.

Please use your discretion to avoid receiving one of the following fines:

$360 – for allowing a dog to run at large (outside of the posted off-leash area)
$360 – for consuming, selling or serving alcohol in the park without a permit
$360 – for smoking within 9m of a sports field, playground, or other smoke-free area
$260 – for creating a nuisance or interfering with other’s enjoyment of the park
$235 – for urinating in the park

If you have any questions or concerns or would like to report a park-related incident, please feel free to contact:

Police Constable Michael Muir

Please enjoy the park responsibly and have fun this summer!


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