Before June 10th: Have your say about the Gardiner Expressway


On June 10, Council will make a choice that could impact Toronto residents for several generations.

There are two alternatives on the table:

  • Boulevard: removes the section of the Gardiner elevated expressway between Jarvis and the Logan ramps, replacing it with a modern 8-lane Boulevard that ties directly to the remaining Gardiner at Jarvis, and to the DVP in the east: price tag – $461 million
  • Hybrid option: maintains the existing structure with a few modifications, like replacing the Logan ramps east of the Don River with new ramps at Cherry Street, and adding a service road: price tag – $919 million

While traffic times are estimated to increase by up to 2–3 minutes if the Boulevard option is chosen, this affects only 3% of the people who travel to the downtown core during the peak time of the weekday morning commute.

CodeBlueTO thinks the money saved by choosing the Boulevard could be better spent helping the majority of Torontonians by funding better transit, creating more affordable housing, or any number of other pressing priorities facing this city.

If you share their view, please fill out the survey at

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