More Vertical Duplexes are Coming to Ward 19: Have Your Say

85-Bellwoods-Ave-Plans-DuplexThe City has recently changed residential street zoning to allow vertical duplexes—two side-by-side units on a single lot. Some residents feel that this type of building, which can have a large footprint and looms over adjacent properties, is threatening the character of residential neighborhoods.

Developers are responding to the new zoning laws by buying single normal-size houses, tearing them down, and building vertical duplexes (as some have called “mega-houses”), which contain two units, each the size of a large semi. Developers then condominiumize the units and sell them separately (for 1M-1.2M).

In response to pressure from the Ossington Community Association, on Tuesday July 14, the City of Toronto will be holding the first and only community consultation regarding the building of vertical duplexes.

Toronto’s Official Plan says that our residential streets are supposed to remain physically stable, with new development that “preserves the existing character” of the neighborhood. Community concerns regarding the new developments are:

  • Inadequate step backs and increased lot coverage, which “boxes in” neighbors
  • Failure to preserve street character
  • Decreased house affordability
  • Increased property taxes

As this is the only consultation planned for this important change, please be sure to attend.

Meeting Details:
Tuesday July 14, 6-8pm
West Neighbourhood House (formerly St. Christopher House)
248 Ossington Ave (at the intersection of Ossington and Dundas Street West)

2 thoughts on “More Vertical Duplexes are Coming to Ward 19: Have Your Say

  1. The area will densify, it is unavoidable and good for property values. I would rather have these duplexes built now, than large apartment buildings later.

  2. Ps. rather work together to define proper development rules for these developments that would allow densification but also maintain the neighbourhood feel. These can relate to step-backs, architectural style etc.

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