TBCA Nov 2015 Meeting Summary Minutes


  • Chair – Chris Walker
  • Ashley Da Silva – Councillor Layton’s Office
  • Craig Daniels
  • Ben Pakuts
  • Dominic Valela
  • Steph Wechsler
  • Bjarne Peterson
  • Ross Burnett
  • Carolyn Wong (for part)
  • Evan Saskin


  1. 161 Palmerston Ave conversion – Triplex
  2. Neighbourhood laneway naming
  3. Zamboni building design opportunity
  4. Lighting of Trees in Trinity Bellwoods

 161 Palmerston Avenue Conversion – Triplex

  • Development is a 3 unit, 3 storey new residential building.
  • Development is on side lane as well as rear lane.
  • Developer has redeveloped six properties in neighbourhood to date. Converts single family homes in duplexes and triplexes.
  • 161 Palmerston is their first Triplex development.
  • Development will have a zero setback from neighbour (so will look like a semi, but is actually detached).
  • Proposed density is 1.2 fsi. This is double what is currently permitted in zoning.
  • Planning wrote a refusal letter and requested a deferral of the CofA. Not granted by applicant.
  • Developer is going to CofA in December to seek variances.
  • Developer hopes to redevelop 2 or 3 sites per year in the neighbouhood under this model of conversion and intensification.

 Zamboni Building Design Opportunity

  • Zamboni building on east side of park has recently been painted grey/beige by City.
  • Following painting of building, structure has already been tagged and graffitied. This had not been a problem before building was painted.
  • Residents of Gore Vale Ave are interested in how to improve the visual impression of the building and limit opportunities for future vandalism.
  • Ideas presented include a mural/wall art and a planting wall/climbing plants.
  • Councillor’s office indicated that community input could be pursued in how to improve look of structure. Some funding may even be available.
  • Residents are to contact Councillors Office to discuss options.

Lights Opportunity for Trees along Queen St W. in Trinity Bellwoods Park

  • TBCA would like to see trees lit up along Queen Street frontage of park. This is done in other City parks (Christie Pitts, College and Grace parkette) and may be an opportunity to do so here.
  • WQW BIA is also in support of idea.
  • Lights could be year round and not just seasonally.
  • Issue is that there is no power supply available, so this would need to be provided.
  • There may be opportunities for sponsorship by local shops and restaurants.
  • Idea presented that main gates to park could be lit up (flood lights or other).
  • Councillor‘s Office to check where power lines and power sources are located along Queen St West edge of park.
  • TBCA to seek letter of support from WQW BIA.
  • TBCA and Councillors office need to have discussions with (new) Park Supervisor.

 Laneway Naming

  • Initiative is still underway at Councillor`s office.
  • Nominations can be sent to the Councillor`s office at ca
  • Councillor Layton is trying to introduce street names for all laneways in the area for safety benefits and community spirit.
  • Volunteers needed to help flyer streets to promote opportunity to name lanes. Goal is for spring promotional blitz. Ashley will resend the map to TBCA so group can assist with flyering.
  • An information booklet has been prepared by the Councillor and is available through his office.
  • Residents are encouraged to contact Councillor Layton’s office to contribute their ideas for lane names.

Next TBCA Meeting is January 25th, 7pm – 9pm
At the Trinity Bellwoods Recreation Centre,

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