NOISE ALERT – Toronto’s Revised Noise Bylaw Removes Safeguards

toronto-noise-coalitionNoise is a big issue in Toronto, and as the city increases in density, it is a problem that will only grow. In fact, the City’s April 2015 noise consultation found that 82.5% of respondents indicated noise problems in their Ward.

After two years of consultations with Toronto businesses, industries and residents—on May 12, 2016—the City released a draft of the new noise bylaw.

The TBCA (as a member of The Toronto Noise Coalition) has analyzed the proposed new by-law and found that it fails on three key fronts: 1) Key weaknesses in the original by-law remain unchanged; 2) The proposed changes further reduce noise protections; 3) No efforts have been made to strengthen enforcement.

In light of these failures, the Coalition is urging all supporters to attend the upcoming Licensing and Standards Committee meeting on:

Thursday May 19th, 9:30 AM
Committee Room 1, Toronto City Hall

We need your support to show the Committee that the City needs a proper noise by-law that addresses the real concerns of Toronto’s vibrant communities. We cannot allow the City to approve the proposed by-law in its current form. We need to speak up if we want to be heard!

Please share this message with your networks and encourage your friends and family to attend the May 19th meeting.

Please find below an executive summary of the Coalition’s report on the proposed by-law.

Read the full report here. 13b56516-201a-4055-a4ae-89d5b962fb21












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