Fort York Food Bank Fundraiser: The Lucky Ball 2016

Celebrate the Spirit of St. Patrick’s Day at the 4th Annual Lucky Ball on Thursday March 17. Event Details:

  • 7:00pm – 2:00am
  • Revival Bar – 783 College St.
  • Open Bar
  • Hors d’oeuvres
  • Silent Auction
  • Great Music
  • All for a Great Cause!
  • Music & Entertainment
  • Cocktail Attire
  • Tickets – $100 (plus admin fee)


100% of Proceeds Go Directly to the Fort York Food Bank (FYFB).

For more information on FYFB, please visit

Order a Lawn Sign that Encourages Motorists to Drive Safely

The safety of all road users is a priority for the City of Toronto.

That’s why the City is reminding pedestrians, motorists, and cyclists to take extra care, especially as we enter the fall season when daylight hours are reduced. Statistics show that during autumn, there is an increase in collisions involving pedestrians.

The City has produced lawn signs that encourage all motorists to drive safely as they travel in our neighbourhoods.

Please Slow Down_Lawn SignsIf you would like to get a lawn sign, please call Mike Layton’s office at 416-392-4009 to arrange for pickup from Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm. You may also pick up a sign for your neighbours.

It’s critical to be aware of your surroundings at all times when you are travelling. All road users need to remember that safety is everyone’s responsibility.

More Vertical Duplexes are Coming to Ward 19: Have Your Say

85-Bellwoods-Ave-Plans-DuplexThe City has recently changed residential street zoning to allow vertical duplexes—two side-by-side units on a single lot. Some residents feel that this type of building, which can have a large footprint and looms over adjacent properties, is threatening the character of residential neighborhoods.

Developers are responding to the new zoning laws by buying single normal-size houses, tearing them down, and building vertical duplexes (as some have called “mega-houses”), which contain two units, each the size of a large semi. Developers then condominiumize the units and sell them separately (for 1M-1.2M).

In response to pressure from the Ossington Community Association, on Tuesday July 14, the City of Toronto will be holding the first and only community consultation regarding the building of vertical duplexes.

Toronto’s Official Plan says that our residential streets are supposed to remain physically stable, with new development that “preserves the existing character” of the neighborhood. Community concerns regarding the new developments are:

  • Inadequate step backs and increased lot coverage, which “boxes in” neighbors
  • Failure to preserve street character
  • Decreased house affordability
  • Increased property taxes

As this is the only consultation planned for this important change, please be sure to attend.

Meeting Details:
Tuesday July 14, 6-8pm
West Neighbourhood House (formerly St. Christopher House)
248 Ossington Ave (at the intersection of Ossington and Dundas Street West)

Before June 10th: Have your say about the Gardiner Expressway


On June 10, Council will make a choice that could impact Toronto residents for several generations.

There are two alternatives on the table:

  • Boulevard: removes the section of the Gardiner elevated expressway between Jarvis and the Logan ramps, replacing it with a modern 8-lane Boulevard that ties directly to the remaining Gardiner at Jarvis, and to the DVP in the east: price tag – $461 million
  • Hybrid option: maintains the existing structure with a few modifications, like replacing the Logan ramps east of the Don River with new ramps at Cherry Street, and adding a service road: price tag – $919 million

While traffic times are estimated to increase by up to 2–3 minutes if the Boulevard option is chosen, this affects only 3% of the people who travel to the downtown core during the peak time of the weekday morning commute.

CodeBlueTO thinks the money saved by choosing the Boulevard could be better spent helping the majority of Torontonians by funding better transit, creating more affordable housing, or any number of other pressing priorities facing this city.

If you share their view, please fill out the survey at

Be the First to See Fort York Bridge Designs (June 2, 2015)

Attend the community meeting on June 2 see the design concepts for the Fort York Bridge.

  • Fort York Bridge Community Meeting
    Tuesday, June 2 – 6:00 p.m.
    Fort York Visitor Centre, 250 Fort York Boulevard (map).

fort york bridgeThe Fort York pedestrian and cycling bridge will be a key piece of infrastructure in our ward. It will link people by foot and bike from Wellington, across to the Ordnance Triangle and Liberty Village, to Fort York – tying together our parks, historic sites, and communities.

This meeting will be your opportunity to view the three proposed designs, ask questions of the design teams, and provide your comments on each.

The meeting format will be as follows:

  • An informal open house from 6:00pm until 6:30pm to allow community members to view the proposed designs and provide their comments.
  • Between 6:30pm and 8:30pm, each of the three design teams will have 15 minutes to present their design and will be available to answer any questions.
  • The informal open house will resume at 8:30pm until 9:00pm to allow community members to review the boards and provide any final comments.

The comments received by the end of the meeting will be summarized and submitted to the project Evaluation Committee the following day.

Please note: there will not be an online opportunity to provide comments on the designs. If you’d like to have a say, please attend this meeting to make your voice heard.

The first Community Information Meeting was held on January 8, 2015. For more information about the project please visit

Download a PDF of the Meeting Notice here.