Street Art Update: Dundas West Murals

Through the leadership of CAVE (Communities Advancing Valued Environments) and local artist Angel Carrillo the garages of the houses between 941-993 Dundas Street West have had graffiti removed and replaced with beautiful murals. The murals were painted by local  at-risk youth and helped to frame graffiti as an accepted form of contemporary art.

This project has beautified and personalized the public façades of the laneway facing the park. It’s a wonderful addition that encourages community pride and cohesion.

On a related note, Well known artist Elicser and Movember have added a new mural to our ward along Dundas Street West at Beatrice (picture below). Find out more about Movember by clicking here.

Preserving Ossington’s Streetscape

Ossington Ave signSee the action item below to support the latest Amendment to protect Ossington’s streetscape.

Background: City Planning has completed the Ossington Avenue Planning Study, which recommends a City-initiated Official Plan Amendment to create an area-specific Official Plan policy that predominantly reflects the community’s vision.

Thus, preservation of streetscape, heritage, character of the street, and transition to adjacent residential uses will be key features of the plan. Regarding the height of proposed developments (e.g. condos), the plan states that Ossington between Queen and Dundas should remain 4 storeys, except for the east side, from Argyle to Bruce, which would allow for 5 storey developments.

To read Ossington Draft Official Plan, click here.

How you can help: Toronto-East York Community Council (TEYCC) will vote on this at their 17 October meeting. If you support the amendment and the communities vision for Ossington, please show your support for the Ossington Planning Study by clicking here and select the “submit comments” button at the top of the page.

Upcoming: City Council will vote on this issue at their November 13-14; following that eventually an Official Plan Amendment will get drawn up to implement the Area Study.

TBCA May 2013 Meeting Minutes

Trinity Bellwoods Recreation Centre
Monday, May 27th, 2013
7:00 P.M.



  • Chair – Chris Walker
  • Ashley Da Silva – Councillor Layton’s Office
  • Ben Pakuts
  • Liz Magner
  • Loise Schklar
  • Liz Manger
  • Paula Capela
  • Carol Keates
  • Darlene Giroux
  • Natasha Mitchell
  • Jade Leadbetter
  • Ariel Stagni
  • Laura McCornally
  • Darren Leu
  • Graeme Luey
  • Kelvin Ngan
  • Annabelle Kennedy
  • Gillian Bowes
  • Ann Holmes
  • Bjarne Peterson
  • Ross Burnett
  • Lahodynsktj
  • Mike Bodor
  • Alex Ottens
  • Sebastian Lye
  • Carol Craighead


  1. Studio Bar and Creature Comforts Bar
  2. 944 Queen St W – MOCCA Redevelopment
  3. 420 Bathurst St – Kromer Redevelopment
  4. Origami Lofts
  5. 146 Strachan Avenue
  6. 110 Palmerston Avenue
  7. 114 & 116 Robinson Street


Studio Bar and Creature Comforts Bar, 822 and 824 Dundas Street:
Presented by Ben Pakuts and local resident Carol Keates

  • Continued complaints of event space impacting residents on Euclid Ave.
  • Community concern that it is operating as an after hours club
  • Major noise issues – City controls noise limits (up to 11pm). These are not controlled or related to the Alcohol and Gaming Commission (that issue liquor licences to bars and restuarants)
  • No liquor licence has been issued for the premises, but they still hold special events
  • Special Events Permits (SEPs) are being used to hold event. Permits are issued through the LCBO and not the Alcohol & Gaming Commission.
  • Special Events permits are issued by the LCBO – few controls over these. They are not controlled by the Liquor Licence Board.
  • Jade Leadbetter of AGCO is the local liquor inspector for the area – she attended meeting to hear problems and identify an appropriate technique for responding
  • Complaints can be issued at: (Alcohol & Gaming Commission)
  • Jade has agreed to investigate complaints and has recommended that residents start a log of violations (date, time, issue), etc.
  • Jade advised residents to call the City as well (311) and Municipal Licensing Standards (MLS) to make sure that they record the complaint
  • Owner has submitted additional information to the City in support of their liquor license application

Studio Bar and Creature Comforts Bar Feedback:
Update from Owners: Mike Boder and Darren Leu

  • Owners of Studio Bar claim that there has been some outreach from the owners to the neighbours
  • Owners of Studio Bar have volunteered to provide local residents with their neighbours
  • Owners of Studio Bar have volunteered to have noise tests with adjacent neighbours
  • Creature Comfort have indicated that they are looking into doing sound proofing
  • Owners of Creature Comfort have volunteered to provide local residents with their neighbours

944 Queen St W – MOCCA Redevelopment
Presented by Chris Walker

  • Public meeting is on Thursday June 4th at 7pm at the Trinity Bellwoods Recreation Centre
  • The City Planner on the file is: Marian Prejel
  • Proposal by Urbancorp for a 9 storey building.
  • 151 units proposed.
  • One large format retailer at grade
  • Concern that this will remove a heritage building on Queen Street West
  • Concern that this will negatively impact the character of Queen Street West

420 Bathurst St – Kromer Redevelopment
Presented by Ashley Da Silva – Councillor Layton’s Office

  • A full rezoning is being applied for – 18m in height with 8,000sq ft of retail
  • June 6th is the first public meeting at College Street United Church, 454 College, at 7pm
  • The planner on the file is: Marian Prejel
  • Bathurst Ave from Queen to Dupont is going to fall under a new `area study’ planning study . The first meeting for this is June 4th at 707 Scadding Court Community Centre, 5pm to 6:30pm
  • This will capture Kromer and Origami proposals

Origami Loft
Presented by Ashley Da Silva – Councillor Layton’s Office

  • Planners Final Report is due soon
  • Zoning application is tentatively scheduled to go before Council on June 18th
  • Councilor is suggesting developing a working group on the application
  • Community concern remains with parking and sewage volume
  • City is setting up a meeting with community group to discuss issues raised by residents to see if they can be resolved prior to application being submitted.

146 Strachan Avenue

  • Currently there is a single storey home on site. Proposal is for a three storey duplex with basement walk out.
  • Developer is applying for a series of variances at the CoA.
  • Neighbour is concerned with the density, depth and height of the proposal
  • TBCA has offered to help neighbour prepare a letter for the CoA.

 110 Palmerston Redevelopment
Presented by Chris Walker and Liz Magner

  • Property that currently exists: 1 story, “Queen Anne Cottage” style. Will be adding 2 more stories (3 stories in total).
  • Landmark Development is going before Committee of Adjustment to seek 6 zoning variances.
  • 20 metres is proposed new height.  Also seeking an increase in density (lot coverage), setback variance and use variance.
  • No height variance is required.
  • Adjacent residents are concerned with lack of backyard; loss of light and airflow, loss of privacy, future use and possibility of further increase in density (to 6 units).
  • To address shadow, developer has cut back the third floor to reduce impact – could this be done further?
  • Similar product is 170 Markham Street.
  • Concern from TBCA was that we wrote a letter of concern, but the plans has since changed. Letter needs to be updated.
  • Community has a petition from 75 residents that are concerned.

 114 & 116 Robinson Street Expansion (third floor addition)
Presented by Ann Holmes

  • Proposal is a for a third floor development across two duplexes (up to 2.3x the area of the lot)
  • Developer is York West
  • Originally went to CofA on Nov 2011. Variances were rejected.
  • Developer appealed to OMB. Going to OMB in early July 2013.
  • Some community members are meeting with developer in early June.  Additional details of the proposal will become more clear following that meeting
  • Concern with his building maintenance and quality, based on other York West owned properties in the neighbourhood.

 Next TBCA Meeting is Monday July 29th, 7pm – 9pm
At the Trinity Bellwoods Recreation Centre,


Community Murals to be Created for Laneway Facing Trinity Bellwoods Park

street_art_muralThe organization known as Community CAVE (Communities Advancing Valued Environments) and artist Angel Carrillo (Cruz1) will be completing a 4 month, bi-weekly experience-based learning opportunity for at-risk youth.

This “contemporary urban arts” program will direct its focus on framing graffiti as an accepted form of contemporary art by teaching youth about the negative impacts of graffiti as vandalism and empowering them to engage the community to collaboratively develop their own mural project, with the support of organizations, businesses and institutions. The artist Cruz1 will work with CAVE and the Toronto Police to recruit youth diverted through the court system as well as interested neighbourhood youth.

Location:  The workshops will be held at Community CAVE, located at 15 Atlantic Avenue. The proposed graffiti removal and mural location is the laneway facing Trinity Bellwoods Park and makes up the garages of the houses between 941-993 Dundas Avenue West.

This initiative was supported by StreetARToronto.