OCA Cocktail Party and Fundraiser—Dec 7, 2013

OCA_Over_partyDec2013Join the Ossington Community Organization for their “Thank God It’s Over cocktail party and fundraiser!” Come out and get the lowdown on what happened during the OMB trial, help the OCA pay their debt down and enjoy the sounds of Neil Clark.


When? Saturday 7 December 8PM-12:30AM.
Where? Artscape Youngplace, 180 Shaw, Gold Room.
What? Cocktails! Fundraising! Merriment! and Argyle Street’s very own rock-jazz guitar god Neil Clark (neilclark.com).
Why? The OMB trial for “109OZ” wrapped up on 15 November. Although, we don’t know the results yet, it seems like we might have done pretty well.

Link to PDF invite

Preserving Ossington’s Streetscape

Ossington Ave signSee the action item below to support the latest Amendment to protect Ossington’s streetscape.

Background: City Planning has completed the Ossington Avenue Planning Study, which recommends a City-initiated Official Plan Amendment to create an area-specific Official Plan policy that predominantly reflects the community’s vision.

Thus, preservation of streetscape, heritage, character of the street, and transition to adjacent residential uses will be key features of the plan. Regarding the height of proposed developments (e.g. condos), the plan states that Ossington between Queen and Dundas should remain 4 storeys, except for the east side, from Argyle to Bruce, which would allow for 5 storey developments.

To read Ossington Draft Official Plan, click here.

How you can help: Toronto-East York Community Council (TEYCC) will vote on this at their 17 October meeting. If you support the amendment and the communities vision for Ossington, please show your support for the Ossington Planning Study by clicking here and select the “submit comments” button at the top of the page.

Upcoming: City Council will vote on this issue at their November 13-14; following that eventually an Official Plan Amendment will get drawn up to implement the Area Study.

Your Input Required: Proposal to Legalize Parking Lot at Ossington and Rebecca

The proposal is to legalize a surface parking lot currently being used for commercial parking purposes with 16 vehicular parking spaces. The parking spaces are located on the property municipally known as 19 Rebecca Street, which is adjacent to and east of 19-21 Ossington Avenue. The rear yards of residential properties surround the proposed vehicular parking spaces and are separated by fence. The existing access to the parking lot is from a two-way driveway from Ossington Avenue. In addition, there is an existing one-way driveway leading out of the parking lot to Rebecca Street.

You can view a copy of the Preliminary Report providing background information at: http://www.toronto.ca/legdocs/mmis/2013/te/bgrd/backgroundfile-58822.pdf.

To speak to the planner directly, contact George Pantazis, at 416-392-0776 or gpantaz@toronto.ca . You may mail your comments to the planner at Toronto and East York District, 100 Queen St W Floor 18 E Toronto On, M5H 2N2. To provide comments online, use the link below.

City Hall Meeting for “109OZ” this Tuesday (June18, 2013)

109_Oz_Condo_ossingtonWard 19 Councillor Mike Layton released his position on “109OZ”. His key conclusions are summarized below:

“The proposed development application at 103, 109-111 Ossington Avenue looks to intensify the site and apply the mid-rise avenue guidelines to a street that A) is not designated as an avenue, B) does not exhibit the same characteristics or width of avenues on which the mid-rise guidelines typically apply, C) does not fit the character of the surrounding community, and D) does not provide an appropriate mix of small and large commercial and residential units needed to sustain the diversity of our community.” To read more, click here.

Show your support for Mike Layton’s amendments at the upcoming City Hall meeting. The meeting is open to the public and you are invited to sign up to speak or submit a letter on the item by e-mailing teycc@toronto.ca or calling (416) 392-7033.

Meeting Details: Tuesday 18 June, 11:45 AM, City Hall, Committee Room 1.

Ossington Avenue High Street Development Review Released

ossington_report_condoThe Ossington Community Association has announced the release of the Ossington Avenue High Street Development Review.

The OAHSDR helps define the unique character of the Ossington strip, set against a background of extensive historical research. The report proposes a certain profile for proposed condominium development on Ossington—particularly the “109OZ” site, which is being proposed as a five storey building just south of Argyle Street.

Here is the executive summary of the OAHSDR judgements pertaining to “109OZ”:


  • It is a full-on Avenues solution in a non-Avenues context.
  • It is out of scale and character, diminishing the significance of buildings and spaces.
  • It has a character, texture and treatment that conflicts with the existing urban grain.
  • It is unsustainable, and cannot be readily replicated elsewhere on Ossington Avenue.
  • It involves setting precedents, that can only be used as parts in other types of projects.
  • It creates adverse impacts on the adjacent Neighbourhood, not currently experienced.
  • It creates undesirable conditions of overview & overshadowing on the Neighbourhood.
  • It does not pass the tests of fit, respect and improvement:

See the report to read more, by clicking here.