We Need Your Help to Shake Things Up in Trinity Bellwoods!

TBCA-logo-shake-upThe Trinity Bellwoods Community Association (TBCA) is shaking things up!  We are looking to tackle new neighbourhood concerns and explore current issues that impact the neighbourhood. We are expanding our role and raising our profile at City Hall to ensure that the voices of Trinity Bellwoods residents are heard. However to do this effectively we need your help to grow our group and ensure local issues are brought to our attention.
The Trinity Bellwoods Community Association is looking for new leadership (Chair) and members’ at large. If you have an interest in local issues, in ensuring that the City hears your concerns for the neighbourhood and in making Trinity Bellwoods an even better place to live – we invite you to join the TBCA.  
The TBCA commitment is one meeting every two months to discuss local issues impacting the neighbourhood. If you really want to shake things up and have the skills and drive to help shape the community and provide leadership to the group as the Chair, you will be responsible for chairing the bi-monthly meeting, co-ordinating the agenda and liaising directly with Councillor Layton’s office on community issues. As the Chair, you will have the support of our six member Executive team. 
If you have concerns about issues in the community and want to make a positive contribution towards improving the neighbourhood – come on out and help us! We can’t do this without support from the residents of Trinity Bellwoods.
Please contact us at info@trinitybellwoods.org to express an interest in joining. Additional information on the TBCA can be found here http://trinitybellwoods.org/ or on our Facebook group.

TBCA May Meeting Summary Minutes

Trinity Bellwoods Recreation Centre

Monday, May 26, 2014

7:00 P.M.



  • Chair – Chris Walker
  • Councillor Mike Layton
  • Ashley Da Silva – Councillor Layton’s Office
  • Paula Capela
  • Ross Burnett
  • Loise Schklar
  • TC Sclocco
  • Carolyn Wong (for part)
  • Bjarne Peterson
  • Craig Daniels
  • Carol Craighead


Studio Bar: Councillor Mike Layton gave a summary of the current state of matters regarding Studio Bar, which continues to disrupt local residents, confirming that:

  • The space is not a “restaurant”, but rather an “entertainment establishment”, contrary to zoning.
  • The City is set to take them to the Municipal Court.
  • MLS has been showing up on site.
  • In a province-wide move, the AGCO threw out the conditions that were drafted by the City to protect residents.
  • Was 1 of 8 bars invited to a meeting with Police, MLS, Coucillor and the AGCO. May & Hard Luck were also invited.
  • 2 motions have been made by Council to have MLS meet with AGCO & Police.

MOCCA  Development Application

  • Development is now approved by City Council who negotiated a settlement with applicant
  • City Staff supported the revised application
  • 8 storeys with integrated mechanical penthouse
  • Design meets 45 degree angular plane requirement at rear. Developer provided greater setbacks than initial application.
  • Wider sidewalks are to be provided along Queen Street West frontage
  • 10% three bedroom units are to be provided, but with a greater increase in Bachelor units as well
  • Slightly smaller retail unit size (reduced from 9,0000sq ft to 8,000sq ft)
  • One heritage (non-designated) building is to be demolished as part of redevelopment
  • MOCCA will not remain on site.
  • Concern from TBCA that this will set a precedent for 8 storey buildings along Queen Street West (which currently supports a 4 storey height limit) as well as for the demolition of older, established “character buildings” that define the neighbourhood.  Also concerns with on-going consolidation of smaller parcels into larger “mega” development sites that can support larger condo developments while destroying the existing building fabric and streetscape.

West Queen West Area Study

  • Currently in a queue to be undertaken by the City
  • In longer term, outcomes of study may result in zoning by-law changes (height, density, etc)
  • Not expected to be initiated this current year
  • Heritage will be an element of the study
  • Heritage building inventory is required for Queen Street West as part of this process

Film Permits

  • Increasing filming in the neighbourhood is creating some problems
  • Space demands for production vans is excessive and often beyond what they are allowed in their permits. Permit allows for 60 feet of coning.
  • Crews are able to block streets for 24-48 hours prior to filming
  • Production companies are not providing notification to neighbourhood
  • Idea presented for production companies to provide a donation towards a for a “community improvement fund” when filming in the area.  It was suggested that funds collected could go towards maintenance and upgrade of Trinity Bellwoods Park.

Queen Street West Sidewalk Repair

  • Repair of sidewalk along Queen St W is scheduled to begin mid-June 2014.
  • Work will repair numerous cuts in sidewalk and replace black asphalt with concrete.

Food Trucks

  • A new bylaw passed by City to allow food trucks on streets, but not in front of park, on residential streets or within 50 metres of established restaurants.
  • Trucks can only park in one spot for a limited amount of time.
  • Bylaw does not apply to ice cream trucks

Laneway Naming

  • Councillor Layton is trying to introduce street names for all laneways in the area for safety benefits and community spirit
  • An information booklet has been prepared by the Councillor and is available through his office
  • Nominations can be sent to the Councillor`s office at adasilv2toronto.ca
  • Volunteers needed to help flyer streets

Next TBCA Meeting is Monday July 28th, 7pm – 9pm

At the Trinity Bellwoods Recreation Centre,


TBCA Meeting Minutes — March 31, 2014

Trinity Bellwoods Recreation Centre
Monday, March 31st, 2014
7:00 P.M.



  • Chair – Chris Walker
  • Councillor Mike Layton
  • Ashley Da Silva – Councillor Layton’s Office
  • TC Sclocco (Helmuts)
  • Trena Cesario – City of Toronto, Parks and Recreation
  • Paula Capela
  • Ross Burnett
  • LJ Lahodynsktj
  • Dominic Valela
  • Ben Pakuts
  • Loise Schklar
  • Siam Owen
  • Walter Girlato
  • Pat Ressa
  • Kevin Cooper


  1. Pet Fountain
  2. Laneway Naming nominations
  3. MOCCA Redevelopment
  4. OZ Redevelopment
  5. Trinity Bellwoods Park Clean-Up
  6. RioCan Proposal on College
  7. Studio Bar




Pet Fountain:

  • The Community has raised all the required moneys for the dog fountain to be installed in the leash-free area of the dog pit.
  • Fountain to be installed by the City in 2015.
  • Funding was secured primarily through Timmies, Helmuts Pets Supplies and West Queen West BIA.
  • Toronto Parks and Trees Foundation is holding the money on behalf of the community and the City.
  • `Donation Station` are a pilot project run at Riverdale and High Park Zoo to raise money for parks. Trinity Bellwoods would benefit from this idea and one could be included in the dog pit and other high traffic areas of the park. Friends of Trinity Bellwoods will be pursuing this idea with the City.


Laneway Naming:

  • The ML Lumber redevelopment would like to name some laneways to give their new residents a street address
  • The developer suggested the names `Mika Alley` and `Joe Queen Lane`, but these were turned down by the City due a perceived lack of support for the initiative
  • Councillor Vaughan and Layton are trying to introduce street names for all lanes – safety benefits and community spirit
  • Cllr Layton is asking for Lane Naming nominations from within the community – a letter will be circulated shortly asking for recommendations.
  •  Nominations can be sent to the Councillor`s office at adasilv2toronto.ca


MOCCA Redevelopment Update:

  • City Staff did not accept the original 9 storey proposal as it was and did not secure rezoning at the City
  • Developer is taking the City`s decision to the OMB
  • OMB date is set for June 2014
  • Building was slightly re-designed (8 storey), but this redesign was not formally re-submitted to the City for consideration. What is before the OMB is the original 9storey proposal.
  • TBCA is to write a letter against the development and in support of the City fighting this case at the OMB (letter due before April 10th Council meeting)


Park Clean-Up Day


OZ Redevelopment

  • Development is still before the OMB. No decision on application has been made yet.


RioCan Proposal on College Street

  • New retail store with residential above is proposed to replace the existing smaller scale LCBO and surface parking lot
  • 9 storey building proposed
  • Building is in compliance with rear setback requirement (transition to Neighbourhood area)
  • Building as proposed is in compliance with Mid-Rise Building Guidelines
  • No date for zoning amendment to go before Council for approval



  • Bar is formally opened now with their liquor license
  • Have already had several noise complaints, even though the owners have done some upgrades to sound proofing
  • AGCO has said that the City cannot put noise conditions on bylaws for bars and restaurants (this severely limits the City`s power to control noise)


Next TBCA Meeting is Monday May 26th, 7pm – 9pm
At the Trinity Bellwoods Recreation Centre

TBCA September 2013 Meeting Minutes

Trinity Bellwoods Recreation Centre
Monday, Sept 30th, 2013
7:00 P.M.



  • Chair – Chris Walker
  • Councillor Mike Layton
  • Rosario Marchese, MPP
  • Ashley Da Silva – Councillor Layton’s Office
  • Ben Pakuts
  • Loise Schklar
  • Liz Manger
  • Bjarne Peterson
  • Ross Burnett
  • M.Lesser
  • C. Daniels
  • Walter Girlato
  • Erin Hatfield
  • M MacGregor
  • LJ Lahodynsktj
  • Benj Hellie
  • Carol Keates
  • Elspeth Cassar
  • Wendy Fox
  • Anne Keary
  • Natasha Mitchell
  • Natasha Mytnouych
  • Laura McConally
  • Emil Glassbuurg
  • John Bowker


  1. How can we be more effective? An open discussion with Cllr Layton.
  2. Common concerns frequently heard across the community include:
    • Impacts on new development on community
    • Noise / conflicts with bars and restaurants
    • Growing park use and inability of City to keep up with maintenance demands


General discussion on `How Community Groups can be more effective with the following:

  1. Accountability – Who are the key point City Staff/departments that community needs to deal with? Communication gap issues.
  1. Continuity – How can community members ensure that agreements are brought forward throughout the political/development process? Lag time issues.
  1. Appeals – How can community groups best deal with municipal approvals process/ OMB appeals? Balance of Power issues.

Are Residents Association an Important Tool for Dealing with the Above?

YES – Cllr Layton believes that Residents Associations are important because:

  • Important for pushing push back on development applications.
  • Important to raise profile of some of the local concerns.
  • Raise gaps in neighbourhood info and where additional studies need to be (i.e. Bathurst Street Study).
  • They provide continuity of local concerns – don’t have to start from scratch every time.
  • Provide a local perspective on issues and community priorities.
  • Providing advice to local residents – guidance and directing residents to the right places.
  • At OMB, there are powers is in numbers – Community Associations can help with that.
  • AGCO responds well to individuals (via letters), not necessarily a group / community association.
  • Cllr feels that there have been some significant community wins in the ward.

How can the City better help residents’ groups be more strongly represented at the OMB/CofA?

  • How can community members unlock the technical requirements and studies required at the CofA or the OMB? OMB, and to a lesser degree the CofA, can be very expensive for community members to participate in.  This is a challenge.
  • Community groups cannot afford the necessary technical studies or the lawyer fees and there is a concern that the City lawyers do not represent the interest of the community.
  • City solicitors don’t necessarily share the voice of the community.
  • Time is very short for community groups to organize themselves in preparation of OMB hearings after the outcome of a CofA decision (90 days).
  • Unresolved discussion on how community groups can best access the City and/or legal support to help make the case on behalf of the community?

Information on the OMB Reform (Bill 20) –Presented by MP Marchese

  • Official position is that City of Toronto wants out of the OMB (Bill 20).
  • MP Marchese is advocating that the City should be able to make planning decisions on its own without having to defend themselves at the OMB.
  • OMB members are not necessarily planning experts.  Therefore, they rely on the expertise of advisors (lawyers, planners, architects, etc).
  • You need Cllrs, City Planners and the local community to come together to make the strongest case at the OMB. When these three forces come together you win more frequently.
  • City of Toronto is supporting the idea of a local appeal body, where appeals could be brought forward from the CofA.
  • Would require a new appeals body to be established. Appeal bodies are expensive to set up. Currently the OMB is subsidized by the Province.  This subsidy would be terminated.
  • There is a risk that if you remove the OMB, you are more vulnerable to poor decision making at the CofA.  If OMB removed, then the appeal from the CofA would go directly to the court system.
  • Risk if zoning is not clear and strong, then there may be confusion over what can be built and how it can be built. Requires a stronger defensible, up to date zoning,.
  • Risk that courts will be clogged with making planning decisions – is this what we want?  A way to avoid this would be to establish an alternative appeals body.
  • CofA may potentially be more accountable to local residents than the OMB currently is.

MOCCA Redevelopment Update

  • It’s not a done deal yet.  Planning application has not yet been received.
  • City is not supportive of the scale of the development as it currently stands.
  • After Abacus and ML Lumber, Cllr Layton says that he will not support anything above mid-rise guidelines.
  • Community concern is that the developer would rather go to the OMB than deal with the community and / or a negative opinion from the Councillor.


  • Enforcement is a major challenge at the moment – you need to prove that noise and liquor violations are coming from a specific bar/restaurant.
  • A new bill is being worked on – hope to have it introduced in next 2 week.  It will help to clarify powers between the municipality and the Province.
  • Draft bill will be circulated to residents associations.
  • Cllr Layton identified that the City wants the power to revoke liquor licenses from rogue establishments.
  • AGCO needs to be more accountable to the City of Toronto.
  • Trying to get Municipal Licensing Standards (MLS) and the AGCO working together better – but there remains confusion over who has the power to deal with issues (even within both agencies).

Queen Street Salvation Army Redevelopment Update

  • Salvation Army redevelopment from 2 storeys to an 8 storey building.  29m with 60 beds (units).
  • Mid-rise guidelines identify 6 storeys as appropriate for Queen Street.
  • Only in preliminary stages. No application as of yet.

Kromer Radio Redevelopment – 410 Bathurst Street

  • Interim control by-law put in place by City, but  RioCan is appealing the bylaw to the OMB.

Next TBCA Meeting is Monday November 25th, 7pm – 9pm
At the Trinity Bellwoods Recreation Centre,

TBCA Meeting Minutes – November 2012 and January 2013



January 28, 2013 Attendees:


  • Chair – Chris Walker
  • Ashley Da Silva – Councillor Mike Layton’s Office
  • Elspeth Cassar
  • Tom Dean
  • Ann Dean
  • Bjarne Pedersen
  • Evan Saskin
  • Carol Craighead
  • Ben Pakuts
  • Penny Firth-Eagland
  • John Amoriaex
  • David Martin
  • Tatum Wilson (CAMH)
  • Darlene Giroux
  • Carol Keates
  • Liz Magner
  • Amy Hamblin
  • Blair Hobbs

November 26, 2012 Attendees:

  • Chair – Chris Walker
  • Ashley Da Silva – Councillor Mike Layton’s Office
  • Ross Burnett
  • Sue Campbell
  • Bjarne Pedersen
  • Lubomyr Lahodynskyt
  • Louis Skalar
  • Jennifer Gagner
  • Steven Burkes
  • Stephanie Partson
  • Anne Keary

Agenda items:

  • Origami Lofts
  • Studio Bar
  • 110 Palmerston
  • Urban Forestry Management Plan
  • Mocca Redevelopment
  • Camh Update
  • Dog-Watering Station
  • Fresh Patio
  • Kromer Radio Redevelopment
  • TBCA Executive Business

Origami Lofts

Presented by Lubomyr Lahodynskyt

  • New seven storey condo development at 202-204 Bathurst Avenue (Origami Lofts)
  • Community Information meeting completed on November 21st , approx. 50 participants
  • Concern that development is being assessed under the Mid-Rise Building Guidelines, even though Bathurst is not considered an ‘Avenue’.
  • Primary concerns have not been resolved – parking, height, servicing arrangements, impact on     Wolseley Street. Additional concern with shadows, sewer capacity, etc.
  • Local community blog set up: 202BathurstImprove.org
  • Preliminary Staff Report released.

 Action: TBCA to help direct Wolseley Street residents to Councillor’s Layton’s Office

CAMH Update

Presented by Tatum Wilson

  • Neighborhood liaison committee exists to provide input into development.
    • addressing dust issues, etc.
    • Liaison needs to be refreshed/re-energized.
    • Next meeting April 25th, during work week (6-8pm range). Tours of current new bldgs. May be a part of the meeting. Catherine Zhan, CEO of Development will be attending.
    • Phase 1B complete
    • Phase 2: two years from new construction – 3 new bldgs, placement.
    • Workmans Arts will have a space; full time arts residence to be incorporated, including art, theatre space, new patient beds, etc.
    • Previous concerns addressed by community liason: ~safety, elopees (missing patients), location of gym (available to community at certain times), forensics unit placement, parking of cement trucks, dust/noise issues.
    • Sign up for: “CAMH Connections” newsletter; see blog/twitter. TBCA to post callout for volunteers as well.

110 Palmerston Redevelopment

  • Complaint regarding variance 1 (change of use)
  • Property that currently exists: 1 story, “Queen Anne Cottage” style; but 2 story on paper. Will be adding 2 more stories (3 stories in total).
  • 20 metres is proposed new height.
  • Increase in density proposed.
  • Evan Saskin is the developer
  • Developing a number of projects in the neighborhood (similar property exists on Givens, other being built on Markham).
  • This Variance 1 is a “Use Variance” because a traditional split would be floor based or cut perpendicular to street.
  • Evan received a lot of opposition/letters and has reviewed the concerns.
  • Use Variance ~ regarding how property is divided.
  • House would occupy half of the property.
  • Offset from the street is the same as current property.
  • No height variance is required (~permitted)
  • CW: Other variance is a setback issue (SEE PLANS)
  • Variance being proposed is to match adjacent house #1 (which is much closer to street) rather than having a setback averaged between two adjacent (ie. Adjacent house #2 is much further setback than adjacent house #1).
  • CW: severance is not possible because of shared hallway; thus no danger of property being split into two in the future.
  • Evan: reason for this design is to help to gradually increase intensification.
  • Ashley: anyone can apply for a CofA. Mike’s office can assess input and work with community to make sure everyone is ok.
  • Community concern with lack of substantial backyard; loss of light and airflow (due to lack of stepbacks), future use and possibility of further increase in density (ie. If it becomes a boarding house in the future).
  • Community Question: why not build more appropriately?
  • Evan: Is there anything that we could do to improve community support?
  • Community: yes, a single family house with apartment.
  • CW: technical point that you may not know, density = floorspace/property area.
  • CW: only variance 1 is an issue. The other variances already have precedence.
  • Ashley: CofA Kromer site: MLayton was involved because it was big/massive. For smaller CofAs, community must become informed.
  • Community & CW: Requested shadow study. Evan has agreed to provide.
  • Evan: most of the CofA would be approved; until draft bylaw passes, at which point it would most likely be approved (inferring that this will eventually go through, so best to work with him in a positive, non-antagonistic manner).
  • Evan: proposes changes: to meet front setback requirement (ie. Loss of that variance); and to end 3rd story to match length of adjacent properties.
  • Deliverables: Stepback at back and shadow studies.
  • Evan: is solid on the “Use Variance”; but is amendable to making other changes.
  • Some in the Community: not happy with 2 houses scheme on one property.
  • Request to make 110 Palmerston email group. Interested parties to email CW.

Studio Bar, 824 Dundas Street

Presented by Chris Walker

  • CofA for restaurant; AGCO liquor licence for a Bar.
  • Tried to sell community on community space/restaurant, when actually a bar.
  • Ashley: AGCO application stopped; conditions added.
  • Spoke to supervisor for bldg. supervisor; concern was that there must be a kitchen.
  • Owners of Studio Bar revised plans have been submitted; proper use must be determined.
  • Noise issue, as residents abut on all sides.
  • Issue: tribunal would allow owners to cancel/redraft the condition(s) if this occurs.
  • CW: we are waiting for new plans to review
  • Ashley: solicitor corrected language pertaining to light pollution/issue on conditions.

822 Dundas “Creatures Collective” http://www.creaturescreating.com/

  • Resident who lives on 2nd floor: issue with special events; special occasions permit (SOP)/liquor license. Thus, regarding 824 Dundas, resident still has serious concerns about 824 as an event space (ie. Does not need to be a bar to be a source of unreasonable sound / smoke / vomit / underage drinking).
  • Ashley, update: if they apply for another SOP (special occasion permit), they will be stringently reviewed.
  • AGCO inspection is random currently.
  • Ashley: to lodge an effective noise complaint, must (1) contact licencing enforcement/main email (2) call customer service at AGCO.
  • SOP pulled by event organizer, not owner. Thus not the same person is involved each time.
  • Jane Letbetter from the AGCO will be attending one of the upcoming TBCA meetings to discuss/inform.

1247 Dundas, Milkglass Gallery

  • Liquor licence application in the works.

Urban Forestry Plan (Presented in November Meeting)

Presented by Jennifer Gagner

  • Area of study is bounded by Bathurst to Dovercourt and College to Queen.
  • Plan will provides an up to date tree inventory for all trees in community (street trees, private trees, parks).
  • Goal is to prepare a strategic 20 year tree protection plan with 5 year sub-plans to allow it to be more flexible and responsive.
  • Sets goals for expanding tree canopy cover, securing appropriate mix of tree types, pest management, heritage tree designations.
  • Will be used as a tool to decide what should be planted at new developments, what should be planted when trees need to be replaced, etc etc.
  • In preparing the study, the group worked with various Parks groups, community associations, parent teacher groups and the Councillors office.
  • Will start with an Operating Plan for Years 1 and 2.
  • When Plan completed, it will be circulated for comment to community groups for comment.
  • Completion of draft is expected mid-December 2012. Comments due by mid-January and final report by end of January 2013.

Urban Forestry Plan (Discussed in January Meeting)

  • Comprehensive, but a lot of work (all trees in the neighborhood must be measured/classified, door to door).
  • To organize a steering committee.
  • 1st meeting Feb 6th.

MOCCA Redevelopment

  • Preapplication meeting was held at the councillor’s meeting.
  • Biggest/highest/densest of all applications put forth in this ward.
  • Plans to demolish entire property, including a non-designated heritage building.
  • New building: retail ground, 8 stories on top
  • 151 units (~700 sq. ft, smallest 400).
  • Curbcut!!! to drive in and out of condo parking.
  • Allan Saskan (Urbancore) developers.
  • Possible precedence setter.
  • Ashley: next step: developers in process of submitting application. Community to be kept informed.

Dog Watering Station

  • Program partnership application form; dog watering station near bottom of east stairway in dog bowl.

Fresh patio

  • Application for permanent patio denied. Use of public land for private gain was an issue for some.
  • Fresh is now proposing a temporary patio structure.
  • CW requested changes to the application:
  • Change “can be dismantled” to “must” at the end of the swing season.
  • Bicycle parking along patio also proposed: but may impede sidewalk traffic.

Kromer Radio Redevelopment

  • Ashley: developer likely to apply for a rezoning application to help minimize degree of variances from major to minor.

Next TBCA Meeting is Monday February 25th, 7pm – 9pm
Note NEW meeting place:
The Tampered Press — B-256 Crawford Street (entrance on Dundas Street West)