Cyber 5 Performance Surges on Pepperjam’s Ascend Platform

Some of the year’s most anticipated shopping happens in a fairly tight window known as Cyber 5. Spanning just 5 days, Thanksgiving, the subsequent weekend and ending with Cyber Monday (11/26-11/30), it’s a time that many marketers spend the whole year preparing for. And this year’s performance did not disappoint on Pepperjam’s Ascend™ Affiliate Cloud platform!

Pepperjam continues its holiday shopping season performance report series highlighting some of the standouts during this period in our Holiday Stats 2020: Cyber 5 infographic, available for immediate download. You’ll want to check out some major year over year increases including revenue, average order value as well as the content partner category’s surge in share of spend growth and revenue. Worth nothing, there was also a pre-Thanksgiving performance spike on Tuesday 11/24, so we've also included a look at the insights gleaned from this day!

Stay tuned for unique affiliate performance insights from Green Monday/Free Shipping Day!

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