Ossington Heritage District Nomination Walkabout, July 15, 6-8pm (Queen/Ossington)

Ossington has been nominated for Heritage Conservation District status, Ontario’s gold standard in heritage preservation.

City Planning’s Heritage Department is gearing up the process to get the District specification in order. It starts with a community walkabout, Wednesday of next week: 15 July, 6–8PM, meeting by 1000 Queen West (the Stüssy shop at the corner of Ossington).

Learn about the wild west-like early days Ossington from 1793 to today. It should be fun! Hope to see you there.

Facebook event page:


More Vertical Duplexes are Coming to Ward 19: Have Your Say

85-Bellwoods-Ave-Plans-DuplexThe City has recently changed residential street zoning to allow vertical duplexes—two side-by-side units on a single lot. Some residents feel that this type of building, which can have a large footprint and looms over adjacent properties, is threatening the character of residential neighborhoods.

Developers are responding to the new zoning laws by buying single normal-size houses, tearing them down, and building vertical duplexes (as some have called “mega-houses”), which contain two units, each the size of a large semi. Developers then condominiumize the units and sell them separately (for 1M-1.2M).

In response to pressure from the Ossington Community Association, on Tuesday July 14, the City of Toronto will be holding the first and only community consultation regarding the building of vertical duplexes.

Toronto’s Official Plan says that our residential streets are supposed to remain physically stable, with new development that “preserves the existing character” of the neighborhood. Community concerns regarding the new developments are:

  • Inadequate step backs and increased lot coverage, which “boxes in” neighbors
  • Failure to preserve street character
  • Decreased house affordability
  • Increased property taxes

As this is the only consultation planned for this important change, please be sure to attend.

Meeting Details:
Tuesday July 14, 6-8pm
West Neighbourhood House (formerly St. Christopher House)
248 Ossington Ave (at the intersection of Ossington and Dundas Street West)

Filming at Trinity Bellwoods Park, July 7, 2015

dog_bowl_squareWe have received a filming request for a TV series from Liftoff Productions 3 Ltd on July 7, 2015.

Filming will involve a cast and crew of 60, will occur between 6am and 8pm, and will involve “Teams of people doing challenging scenarios”. July 8th will serve as the rain date.

Parking spots may be harder to find during the filming. More details are below. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Councillor Mike Layton at councillor_layton@toronto.ca or call (416) 392-4009.

  • Production Type: TV SERIES
  • Project Title: The Launch 03
  • Production Company & Address: LIFTOFF PRODUCTIONS 3 LTD, 489 KING Suite: 401 TORONTO, ONTARIO, CA, M5V 1K4
  • Production Company Phone #: 416-596-8118
  • Location Manager: Marc Poirier
  • Location Manager Cell #: 647-621-7114

Toronto Environmental Alliance (TEA) in the Neighbourhood this Summer

The Toronto Environmental Alliance (TEA) will be canvassing this summer in the community.

TEA has been around for over 27 years, and advocates on behalf of all Torontonians for a green, healthy and equitable city. They work on a range of issues including air quality, climate change, the greenbelt, public transit, toxics, and waste.

TEA’s hard work over the years resulted in getting green bins across the city, passing the pesticide ban in Toronto and passing the Community Right to Know bylaw. To learn more about TEA, you can visit www.torontoenvironment.org.

Take a few minutes to chat with a canvasser from TEA at your door and learn more about what you can do to help build A Greener City for All. You can also get an update on TEA’s recent local victories, get a copy of the new dry clean scorecard, and find out what you can do to help build a Greener City for All.

Building Variance Applications: Patio for Carmen, Shaw Street Rebuild, and more. Hearing on June 24, 2015

queen-street-shawThe following items will be before the Committee of Adjustment on Wednesday, June 24, 2015 in Committee Room 2 of Toronto City Hall, 100 Queen Street West.

Within the files below you will find instructions on how to submit your comments to the Committee of Adjustment and how to sign up to speak. If you have any questions or comments, please email me at councillor_layton@toronto.ca or call (416) 392-4009.

221 Ossington Avenue [Pizza Libretto] (Click to view: google map, notice, and plans)

PURPOSE OF THE APPLICATION: To legalize and to maintain the conversion of the first floor restaurant billiard area into restaurant seating that was completed without a permit.

711 Adelaide Street West (Click to view: google map, notice, and plans)

PURPOSE OF THE APPLICATION: To construct a detached carport in the rear yard.

289 Manning Avenue (Click to view: google map, notice, and plans)

PURPOSE OF THE APPLICATION: To construct a rear two-storey addition. To demolish a detached garage/ancillary building at the rear of the lot; and, to replace the detached garage/ancilliary building with a parking pad.

244 Markham Street (Click to view: google map, notice, and plans)

PURPOSE OF THE APPLICATION: To alter the existing two-storey semi-detached dwelling by constructing a canopy over the front porch.

1012 Shaw Street (Click to view: google map, notice, and plans)

PURPOSE OF THE APPLICATION: To construct a new three-storey detached dwelling.

922 Queen Street West [Carmen Restaurant] (Click to view: google map, notice, and plans)

PURPOSE OF THE APPLICATION: To construct a rear outdoor patio servicing the main floor restaurant of the existing two-storey mixed use building.

183 Grace Street (Click to view: google map, notice, and plans)

PURPOSE OF THE APPLICATION: To convert the existing two-storey semi-detached dwelling containing two dwelling units into three dwelling units.

About the Committee of Adjustment:
The Committee of Adjustment is comprised of citizen members and Councillors do not sit on this committee. They regularly hold public hearings to consider applications for minor variances, permission and consents. To learn more about the Committee of Adjustment please visit: www.toronto.ca/abcc/qj-committee-adjustment.htm

Note: Committee of Adjustment Decisions are posted online here.