Your Success is our Success

You’ve worked hard to make your content matter. You know your  audience and how to convert browsers into buyers. We know how to connect you with the brands your audience cares most about.

Core platform Functionality

Ascend™ leverages advertiser data and preferences to transparently identify and recruit high-quality partners to your white label affiliate program. Ascend’s discovery engine enables marketers to leverage our supply side database to custom curate their own private affiliate networks (PAN).
Ascend™ provides complete transparency and comprehensive access to your data. From standardized dashboards to integrated fully custom reporting, Ascend provides actionable insights that will help you identify winning strategies and optimize your program’s performance.
Ascend™ enables you to customize your commission strategy to align with your attribution model with full dynamic, fractional, first, preferred, and last click capabilities and incorporate affiliate into your overall cross-channel efforts.
Minimize revenue loss and protect your investment across search, social, domain, code and content with Ascend's always-on monitoring and enforcement solution.

Optimization Tools

Monetization Features


Access to a variety of creative assets to monetize your campaigns including: banners, text links, generic links, coupons, products and more. 


Easily connect with advertisers via advertiser mail and profile info.
Actionable Attribution


Maximize earnings or commission potential based on time, position in the click path, code use and more.
Placement Marketplace


Partners upload available paid placements for purchase or commission increase. Advertisers can review placements and request the purchase of the placement from the partners.
RICH APIs: REST-based web services options
EDUCATION & SUPPORT: On-demand self-education and resource center

New to affiliate marketing?

Upon discovering the world of affiliate marketing, while the opportunities are endless, getting there can feel overwhelming. We’re here to help! Check out our partner resources designed to get you off to a successful start.

Affiliate 101


We will never compete with you. In a sea of choices, we know you have options. That’s why at Pepperjam, we’ve always been partner agnostic. Our goal is to make lasting connections that are built on trust. Since our success hinges on yours, we believe every interaction no matter how small, counts. As an independent company, we’re untethered by conflicts: our only interest lies in your best interest.
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We Only Work with Brands We Love. And we think you’ll agree.

From flowers to flights, no matter what your niche is, you will find partnerships that you’ll want to promote.


We have been working with Pepperjam for a number of years now. The platform is of an excellent standard, helping us to complete our day to day tasks with ease. Being UK and U.S. based has not been a problem due to our great working relationship, one which we look forward to continuing far into the future.

Resources for you

Check out our educational resources to ensure you're set up for success.
General FAQ

General Partner FAQs

Learn more about commonly asked questions from partners just like you.  

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Glossary of Terms

Get to know the lingo of affiliate marketing.

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Partner Interface Demo

Partner Interface Demonstration

Take a quick guided tour of Pepperjam's partner interface.

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