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Pepperjam was born (literally) out of marketing jarred jam with one goal in mind: sell the jelly and drive commerce. But even 20 years ago, driving commerce was not—as it still isn't—simple. Commerce can be fickle: challenging and ever-changing and no matter the form, requires the right elements. It requires an understanding of the current landscape, expertise to navigate that landscape—and tools to get you quickly from point A to B.

Understanding just how new digital marketing was, coupled with the hurdles we faced in the space, we became centered on the idea of solving industry problems. Out of this fixation, a new technology vision was born: create a transparent affiliate marketing platform that enabled easy relationship creation and connection building. That burning desire to provide solutions to problems that brands just like us faced was what started it all.

Jam began our journey, but the ability to nurture and cultivate connections made us true commerce creators.

As a privately owned performance marketing company, we set the stage for our own destiny—so you can be the master of yours. Our foundation is built on delivering expertise, efficiency and innovation. We pride ourselves on delivering strategic value through our extensive experience and developed expertise. 

We maintain a boutique approach —by choice—since there’s a certain subtle victory in being chosen based on merit, not by name or size. That's why we choose personalized over impersonal. 

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Pepperjam Culture


We believe words have weighted purpose and meaning, but in the absence of action, mean very little. This is why we practice demonstrating the core values that matter most to us each day both with our clients and with one another. All this serves to remind us of what's most important: our partners. 



Because it commands honesty and candor, integrity is the most critical principle in business. With an emphasis on always doing what's right and in the best interest of our partners, honesty and ethics always guide our decisions.


Transparency ensures everyone is held to the same higher ethical  standards and is the foundation for building a lasting trust. We strive to provide transparency by way of offering insight and clarity at all times. 

Bias for Action

With the confidence and autonomy needed to make decisions we know will benefit our partners, we never allow over-complication to interfere with our ability to swiftly and deftly take action.

customer centricity

Operating from a customer-centric business model is the only way to ensure you're offering your customers a positive, worthwhile experience. We realize consumers have a multitude of affiliate network choices, so we've created a culture that always puts our partners at the center of everything we do.


Accountability is the only assurance that a person or organization will be beholden to the performance and behaviors expected of them. Without this, goals cannot be properly measured and progress cannot exist—both internally and externally. We hold ourselves accountable for each other's success as well as for our own.

Does all this sound like you? Check out our open career opportunities by clicking below and discover your next big move.

Pepperjam Career Opportunities


Pepperjam promotes a high-energy culture that encourages collaboration while celebrating individualism. Proud of the authentic family-feel we've cultivated, we work hard for both one another and for our partners. We support work-life balance and always make celebrating employee successes and milestones a priority.  

We operate from a shared respect and admiration for one another and appreciate the special skills and crafts that each team member brings to the table. Supporting our community, together, is important to each of us, and we demonstrate this through a wide range of charitable causes.

Team members enjoy a variety of perks including: competitive salary and incentives; generous healthcare benefits including:

  • Medical
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Dependent care
  • 401(k) contribution with company match
  • Generous paid time off
  • Paid company holidays
  • Paid volunteer time
  • Flexible work-life balance
  • Well-stocked offices accommodate weekly breakfasts, impromptu happy hours and more



Being good at what you do, will only take you so far. That's why we believe paying it forward is just as important, both in and out of the office. #Pepperfam
We take pride in ensuring our employees have learning and development opportunities that fuel both body and mind. For ongoing education, we offer our Bootcamp Training series and Lunch and Learn sessions. To make sure our bodies keep up with our minds we also encourage team members to stay active through  our Fitfam challenges. 
We also don't let hard work go unnoticed; our MVP awards initiative (Mission, Values, Purpose) rewards team members who personify our core values.
We extend that philosophy outside of the office with our Pepperjam Cares initiative and our Advisory Council.
At Pepperjam, we're able to donate much-needed supplies and goods thanks to Pepperjam Cares, a charitable initiative straight from the hearts of our #Pepperfam. The mission is to create opportunities for employees to give back to the community as well as inspire collaborative volunteerism. Pepperjam Cares is at the heart of everything we do and we take great comfort knowing our efforts can make a real difference.
Pepperjam Cares has helped organizations both on a local and national level, including:
  • Angel’s Attic, Ashley Food Pantry, Autistic Kids Foundation, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Blue Chip Farm Animal Refuge, Catherine McAuley Center, Children’s Service Center, Commission on Economic Opportunity, Donn’s Dash, Family Service Association, Hillside Farms, Maternal and Family Health Services, St. Vincent De Paul Soup Kitchen, The Kids of the Wyoming Valley Children’s Association, United Way
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