Privacy Regulations

Safari Intelligent Tracking Prevention

In September 2018, Apple released an update to Safari browser versions 11 and above, including an enhancement on last year’s Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP).  The enhancement impacts mobile, tablet and desktop devices (iOS and OS X) and effectively disables third-party cookies for domains that use the data for tracking user activity.

A positive change for consumers’ privacy and online marketing, Safari’s update confirms what has been foreshadowed for years—the demise of cookies. Because cookies have become the target of ad blockers and privacy focused technologies, Pepperjam modified our tracking type to capture and store click IDs—a shift that sets us up for success as privacy efforts increase.

Safari ITP 2.0 impacts Pepperjam’s ecosystem as a whole. We’ve encouraged advertisers and publishers alike to take steps that allow them to continue working together, create new and meaningful connections and fuel transactions in an environment where parties are rewarded appropriately for their work.