A Message to Our Clients on Covid-19

By Matt Gilbert, CEO on March 16, 2020

To our valued clients,

In times of uncertainty, communication is critical. We know that all of you are balancing concerns about health and safety for yourself and friends, colleagues, and family with your responsibilities to your company and your customers. We will endeavor to overcommunicate during this challenging time in an effort to alleviate stress wherever we may be in a position to “lighten the load”.

To that end, we have identified the key areas of focus that together we will need to monitor and be prepared to adjust as needed based on the best information available.

  1. Locking periods may need to be extended to offset any fulfillment delays related to supply chain slowdowns. Please keep us apprised of any adjustments to return policies tied to supply chain delays including merchandise availability and/or last mile delivery delays.
  2. Communications to your active program partners to update them on any changes in the timing of commission payments related to the previous point will be handled in a timely manner to ensure the trust between partners is maintained.
  3. For managed clients, pro-active reviews of any paid placements will occur immediately and recommendations pertaining to any optimizations of fixed fee structure will be communicated as appropriate. Self-service clients should engage in the same review and reach out with any questions.
  4. Analysis of opportunities to leverage the affiliate channel to offset losses in other sales channels as consumer purchase behavior emphasizes online and maintain brand visibility via earned media value from affiliate marketing without requiring an upfront investment tied to CPM and CPC fees.

As a hub of commerce, we will do our best to continue to provide you with meaningful macro insights and related recommendations based on the collective data available to us over the coming weeks.

Please reach out at any time and stay safe and healthy!

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Matt Gilbert