How to Develop Affiliate Expertise in 12 Months or Less

By Pepperjam on October 23, 2020

For many marketers, the thought of managing an affiliate program in-house, is highly appealing as it allows brands to retain control of all the day-to-day aspects of program management. From strategy to execution—you’re in the driver’s seat. Although appealing in theory, the thought of hiring an experienced in-house affiliate expert coupled with the internal stakeholders‘ own limited knowledge of the channel, may make outsourcing affiliate program management seem like the only viable option.

And if you're with a legacy provider, their protectionist behavior keeps channel execution directly out of client hands. However, Pepperjam has an opposite view. We fundamentally think differently about the client's ability to manage their own affiliate program in-house.

So, for those marketers who find themselves ultimately wanting to insource affiliate management but need to outsource temporarily while acquiring the education and skill set necessary to execute an affiliate program effectively, Pepperjam has the answer. Pepperjam has the perfect service solutions for every unique marketers’ needs including a specialized track designed for the growth marketer looking for a guided and comprehensive affiliate management education with flexibility to move in-house based on your timeline. For these marketers, Pepperjam will customize an educational training track designed to get you where you want to be with developing in-house expertise in 12 months or less.

Want to know more about how you can fast track your affiliate programs in-house in under a year? Download the in-housing your affiliate program infographic to find out.