Quick Guide to the Affiliate Channel: CMO Edition

By Pepperjam on November 5, 2020

As CMO, you have an ever-growing list of to-dos. Expectations range from sustainably growing your brand, to generating consistent leads and opportunities, to nurturing prospects into clients—the list goes on. You’ve put great focus on mastering the right messaging mediums, the perfect service experience, and in some cases—this may even mean you’ve put all your eggs in that one channel or killer product’s basket.

You know, the one off­ering that separates you from the not-you brands. But ultimately as CMO, your biggest responsibility is to deliver on revenue growth. Yet despite your best eff­orts, there's still something amiss. And we're willing to wager that missing piece lies in optimizing the affiliate channel—and we're here to help!

Download our CMO quick guide to affiliate where you’ll learn about the channel’s true full-funnel capabilities as well as see some real-life results.